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Bob Liebhauser – Ambassador of the Year

What did it take for Bob Liebhauser to win the Glendale Chamber Ambassador of the Year Award? The same commitment to excellence, discipline, and drive he uses to coach his clients as part of Action Coach Business Coaching (ActionCOACH).

ActionCOACH is the number one business coaching company in the world with clients in over 45 different countries. Liebhauser points out, “I have all the best systems, tools, and strategies.” In fact, not long ago the owners of a local IT company were stressed to the max about cash flow, meeting their monthly payroll and uncertain about whether or not they’d ever be able to retire.

That was when they made an appointment with Liebhauser. He notes, “Everyone wants more customers, more revenues, and more profit.” But he points out, “You just can’t go buy that from Costco. It takes smart, hard work.” Now, months later, his IT client is experiencing increased revenue, and personal growth both with clients and employees. In fact, the client is preparing for a two-week family get away to New Zealand and has a plan in place to retire in four years.

Liebhauser states that every business owner needs the following four experts on their team: An attorney, a banker, a CPA, and a business doctor. According to Liebhauser you may have mastered one aspect of your business but you might not know much about financial planning, management, marketing, or sales. Liebhauser’s expertise in conjunction with the proven tools provided by ActionCOACH can get you on track and help you achieve your business goals.

Liebhauser says, “As a business coach I love it when a client tells me ‘my business is growing, my spouse is sleeping better, I’m working fewer hours, and I’m happy and feel great'”

Jeff Allen, Tamara Gifford, Lauren Shrensky, and Ambassador of the Year Bob Liebhauser

Liebhauser says that the Glendale Chamber of Commerce is a big part of his success. “As a Chamber member I’m exposed to hundreds of business owners in the community.” And of course he’s proud of being named the Ambassador of the Year. (an honor richly deserved – author’s note)

On the personal side, Liebhauser is a prolific runner. His marathon training program parallels similar strategies used with clients. In fact, Liebhauser has combined  The Dreams-Goals-Plans-Actions concept utilized at ActionCOACH with discipline and hard work which will lead him to the Boston Marathon in April.  This will be his 24th Boston Marathon and 81st marathon overall.

Running your own business can seem like one long marathon! Fortunately, ActionCOACH is hosting an April seminar just in time to do some spring cleaning for your business. Bob Liebhauser can help you develop the energy, focus, and vision you need to build and implement a 90 day plan. The workshop is April 4th so don’t miss out on the opportunity to refocus your energies and get motivated.

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