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ConnectPay: Your Payroll Simplified

Experienced Specialist: Tracy Card is a senior account executive with ConnectPay USA.

A payroll company formerly known as Altitude Payroll, merged last summer with ConnectPay and now boasts more resources, better technology, and better service. They now have offices across the entire United States to support their clients. The phone is always answered during business hours and their goal is to never have voicemail kick in. There are 13 specialists on staff in Colorado to help with local payroll needs.

ConnectPay focuses on payroll processing, payroll tax, and payroll compliance. They can connect clients to human resources if they need more HR hands-on support. They can also connect them to other software pieces like time and attendance or electronic onboarding. ConnectPay can integrate with workman’s comp and 401K to simplify things for the client. It is required by law in Colorado to offer a retirement plan if the company has five or more employees. At times, companies struggle with how to administer it and that is where ConnectPay comes in.

“We have a really great team here in Den­ver,” said Tracy Card, Senior Account Executive, ConnectPay. “They take really good care of our clients. We actually assign a pay­roll specialist to each client. If that person happens to be away or on another line, someone else will pick up and help.”

“ConnectPay started in a very similar way as Altitude Payroll with similar values,” said Rachael Ermatinger, Digital Marketing Specialist for ConnectPay. “When COVID hit, so many people had to pivot, and ConnectPay got in the game of mergers and acquisitions. Their whole strategy was to join forces with other payroll companies that had the same values of serving their local communities. Altitude has been a wonderful addition to the team. It’s only that way because the people working there have the same core values that we do.”

Quickbooks and Gusto are popular services to help companies with payroll needs but those are software programs. ConnectPay comes in to help connect and fill in the gaps. They provide an expert guided business review to identify gaps and opportunities in your payroll process. They tailor connections and optimizations so your business operations flow seamlessly. And they offer seven-day premium onboarding with payroll specialist guidance and support.

Clients across the board are overwhelmingly happy with their services. Plus, they are not locked in to a long-term contract. There is little risk in switching over. “ConnectPay simply cares about your business,” said Jim Barton, Owner, Allegra Printing. “They treat you like a partner, not a client.”

Speaking of treating people like partners, Card is excited to be back with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “I love the Glendale Chamber,” said Card. “I love the community it serves and all the people within this Chamber are wonderful. You can really get to know people in a smaller chamber like this. I would also add that we appreciate the Chamber from the legislative point of view,” said Ermatinger. “I love how the Chamber goes at that for small businesses. We appreciate the connection you have with the community.”

To get started with ConnectPay, they offer a 15-30 minute consultation over the phone, zoom, or in person. This is a meeting to discover what is working and not working and what the potential clients’ needs might be. Card will submit a proposal based on these needs. Tracy Card can be reached at 303-842-2378. Visit for more information.

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