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Ku Cha House of Tea

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In Chinese, "Ku" means bitter, and "Cha" means Tea. So, are we selling bitter teas? The answer is Yes and No. The traditional tea, "Camellia sinensis", always tastes a little bitter, because of the tannis in the leaves. The bitterness soon turns into sweetness, which we call "Hui Gan", or sweet-after. We name our store "Ku Cha" also because its tasting experience represents one's life experience. One enjoys the sweetness of final success after a bit of hard and bitter journey to get there. Without the bitterness, there is no sweetness.

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Business: Ku Cha House of Tea
Phone: 303-322-0183
Business Address:
2445 East 3rd Avenue, Denver, CO, USA, Colorado, USA 80206
Contact Name: Rong Pan