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The Glendale Chamber of Commerce Rewards Card allows you to save significant money at local business in your area! Getting a card is easy and you can start enjoying the benefits immediately. Register your card to see the $1,000's in gifts and discounts then present your card to participating merchants at the time of purchase.



The Glendale Chamber of Commerce Rewards Card is a way for local business owners to reach and communicate with the nearly 85,000 residents that live in and around Glendale. Getting featured and promoted on the card is quick, easy and effective. Click here to have someone contact you with more information.

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The Glendale Chamber Rewards card is here!

Think of these cards as an ever expanding book of coupons with no expiration date, in the convenience of a credit card.

Finders Keepers is pleased to partner with the Glendale Chamber with the release of their latest product, Business Card 3.0.  Most people in the business world, whether self-employed or working for a corporation, are used to receiving and handing out business cards.  Typically this exchange is offered as standard professional courtesy to encourage follow up communication after an initial meeting.  The reality is that most cards end up trashed versus treasured.
Finders Keepers has developed and successfully implemented a newer, guaranteed method for exchanging cards.  In this case, when a Business Card 3.0 is exchanged, it is treasured versus trashed. The reason is simple:  BC 3.0 is not the standard paper business card, but rather a plastic card (like a credit card) coded with a magnetic stripe that contains stored value to various popular merchants.  It looks like a business card, but acts like a coupon book. 

Presently, the card contains over $1,000 in stored value that is comprised of both cash and discounts. Once an individual has received someone‚Äôs card, they are prompted to follow the steps on the back of the card which will lead them to a Web site for card activation.  There they will a list of merchants where the business card may be redeemed.  Then the card is ready to be used - simply use it at the point of sale to supplement the method of payment.
Here's how it works to the benefit of each party: 

1. The card recipient is able to redeem stored value on the card. 

2. The business card owner receives an automatically built database created by those who activate and use the cards. 

3. The merchant receives increased traffic, impacting their overall profitability from incremental sales. 
Finders Keepers has branded a Glendale Chamber of Commerce Rewards Card that works identically to the BC 3.0, and additionally offers a percentage from each merchant transaction to be donated back to the Chamber. 

The Chamber card is available for $10.  It is a gift card, rewards card and fundraising program all in one.
Sound too good to be true?  Not at all.  The cards are in use now.  For more information, please contact the Glendale Chamber at (303) 584-4181 or e-mail at