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Play Time at Great Play!

There is something so special about the sound of children laughing, playing, and just being kids. This is the background music that is in perpetual rotation at Great Play at Cherry Creek, an interactive gym geared towards helping kids develop motor and sports skills that will “last a lifetime.”

“Everything we do has a purpose,” says owner Laura L’Herault. “My son was three and a half…and we were dying for something fun to do on a Saturday morning.” Enter Great Play at Cherry Creek, opened three years ago at 760 S. Colorado Boulevard. The place is filled with the sounds of kids playing, laughing, and having a great time but…….shhhhh……they’re also learning fundamental sports skills under the guidance of the skilled staff.

Programs are available for children of all ages and skill set learning is always age appropriate. “I love the program,” enthuses L’Herault. “It helps kids feel comfortable whether they’re on the playground or participating in an organized or recreational league.” The thrill of watching a child conquer a skill is a rewarding part of the program for L’Herault and her staff. This is especially true since these skills help form a foundation for healthy lifestyles that will benefit children throughout their life.

Jeff Allen, COO of the Greater Glendale Chamber is a big fan of Denver’s first Great Play franchise. “Their focus on helping children develop motor and sports skills is a mission our Chamber can get behind.” Parents are also on board with the philosophy behind Great Play especially with so many schools across the country cutting back on Physical Education programs.

Great Play is a wonderful place for kids to learn and grow. The equipment is well maintained and the gym configuration is ever-changing which keeps things fresh and exciting for kids every time they visit. It’s the perfect place to host a birthday party, drop off kids for a few hours of playtime or enroll your kids in specific classes geared towards a particular age group.

Fun Times at Great Play

An amazing day of playtime is just a phone call away! For more information visit for information on classes and enrollment.

Some source material courtesy of The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle

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