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Tracy Revell: Presence And Confidence Coach

Confidence Builder: Tracy Revell started Embodied Confidence three years ago and helps empower people to become confident in themselves.

Tracy Revell, owner of Embodied Confidence, is a Presence and Confidence Coach who serves individuals, corporations and organizations with a wide variety of private and group programs that produce professionally empowered, personally grounded people who have reclaimed confidence at all levels, from inside to out.

“I empower people to become confident in themselves and not second guess themselves and start to trust what they know is right,” said Revell. “I have to teach people to trust their intuition instead of just logical. The ‘just logical’ gives us more of the same.”

Revell has a BS in Therapeutic Recreation from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. She is also a Health & Fitness Instructor certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. In fact, she teaches classes at the Glendale Sports Center.

Revell started her business three years ago and joined the Chamber six months ago. “I met Audree [Grubesic] at a conference in Chicago, and we really clicked. She told me about the Glendale Girls Club and I was immediately sold. I have been a member ever since.”

Revell has a few six-month programs that are available to engage with: Guts and Grace: Be Bold For Yourself; Rockstar Confidence and Business; and Guts & Grace for Businesswomen. These six-month programs are $425 per month but when mentioning this article, Revell will offer it for $350 per month.

The next program offered is Rockstar Confidence and Business at the end of November. Some of what you will learn are the five characteristics of a rockstar leader and salesperson. They are personal energy, inspirational energy, passion, decisiveness and execution. When we connect deeply to ourselves and operate from our unique, authentic place of personal power, we become the rockstars that draw the best out of our prospects, clients and teams, in turn creating high levels of productivity.

“It was months of eye opening realization,” said Tonya Estep, Teacher and Entrepreneur. “But now I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders and sky’s the limit.”

These programs are in a group setting or online but Revell will also work with her clients one-on-one. She offers a free consultation to see if her services are a good fit. “People have to be willing to make changes,” said Revell. “I work with people for a minimum of six months at a time.”

“Being in the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industry, I work with a lot of masculine personalities,” said Christine Gendron, Project Manager. “My work with Tracy has helped me build my confidence in a way that helps me communicate in a direct and confident way while still feeling true to who I am. I have been able to tap into a stronger part of myself that has enabled me to step into more challenging situations at work and earn greater respect with the Vice Presidents of my firm.”

For more information, visit or follow Revell on Twitter @tracy_revell.




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