Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce


Watermark has been in business for over 35 years specializing in outbound marketing strategies such as brochures, traditional advertising, and websites. Co-owner Cameron Burns says that they still believe in old school marketing techniques which can still be very effective as part of an overall marketing strategy, but he adds, “Inbound marketing is the way of the future.”

Inbound marketing such as blogs, infographics, and social media has proven to be very effective at drawing consumer attention to a company’s  website. Once a potential or returning customer is at the website, they can further explore a company’s offerings, learn more about it’s business philosophy, and even purchase products and services from the online shopping cart.

Cameron Burns

Watermark works with clients to pinpoint goals and establish long term strategy before launching into branding or messaging. Every company is different, “Do they need general awareness or are they trying to target specific people?” Sales goals, implementation, and execution are all areas that are discussed with the client in order to make campaign transition as seamless as possible.

Next stop? User friendly websites that offer visitors access to information that is helpful and educational, not intrusive or disruptive. “In today’s world people are searching for information on their smart phones, tablets, and laptops,” says Burns. Watermark ensures that the consumer has access to relevant information and the provides systems that a company can use to follow up with appropriate marketing materials.

“We provide content and emails that is desirable, not spam,” states Burns. Plus, Watermark offers an expertise in design that is not often found in other inbound marketing firms. With a background in design, Burns has brought this skill full circle by designing visually impactful marketing whether it be inbound or outbound. Burns points out, “At Watermark, we’re designers and we care about what things look like, but we also make sure it’s ‘Smart Design.'”

Strategic, visually engaging…and trackable! Trackability is so important to clients in order to gauge what is working and what could be enhanced. Watermark offers it’s clients the ability to stay in touch with their numbers and has helped Watermark establish a relationship with a diverse client list throughout the Greater Denver area. This is in no small part to the Watermark approach. Says Burns, “Watermark delivers the same value as a large agency with a personally engaging small agency model.”

This attention to building relationships mirrors Watermark’s engagement with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “It’s all about supporting local  businesses and I’m a big fan of the Chamber. The events are fun and it’s a great way to meet other businesses.”

Get to know Watermark by visiting the website at or call them directly at 303-771-5675.

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