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Paul-Michael David, owner of WINEPAIRINGS, fell in love with wine when he started collecting itnas a college student in Montreal, Canada. As David pursued a professional career in finance and investment banking, he had the opportunity to sample wines on his travels around the world and both his passion and connections to the wine world developed from there.

After moving from Toronto to Denver in 1992, David continued traveling for work and gathering not only knowledge of the complexities of wine but of the wine business itself. In 2002 with the support of friends and family, David started WINEPAIRINGS  with the “initial idea…to provide wine catering services for special events, corporate affairs and private functions.” However, it quickly became apparent that even though the clientele was interested in offering thoughtful wine options to their guests, “most clients wanted help procuring wines for their personal palate.”

Paul-Michael David

WINEPAIRINGS not only offers concierge service to answer questions from local connoisseurs but is available to help collectors stock their cellars and create options for future events and consumption.  “I get a feel for what the client is comfortable with,” David explains. “Some people like what they are drinking and others want to expand their palate and experiment.”  He helps them find quality wine at the best value. David notes, “Value exists at every price category and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle of wine.”

This time of year is a perfect time to share your favorite wine selections or branch out with new wines from around the world or from domestic vintners. One way to stay in the loop and expand your knowledge is to sign-up for David’s newsletter Notes From The Cellar. Learn about new wines, gain understanding of the wine-making process, or enjoy one of the wine recommendations and suggestions. In addition to the concierge service and newsletter, WINEPAIRINGS also offers wine tastings, wine education as well as comprehensive cellar stocking strategies.

The relationship the consumer has with wine can be very personal and it’s David’s passion to connect with clients which helps him work with wine lovers to meet their needs. “The goal is to find wines that will bring pleasure based on their preferences and budget. It’s the kind of service that is unfortunately rare in today’s retail wine world.”

This dedication to building relationships in his business mirrors David’s experience with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. He says, “My business is all about relationships and people and the Chamber is a great way to network and connect with potential clients.” Sharing the joy of wine discoveries has lead to many friendships with his clients. “They are very special relationships, and I am very fortunate to be able to do this as a vocation. The hours can be long, and you are always involved with the subject, but it seldom feels like work. I often get asked ‘how does one get such a job?’ – I generally smile and answer that it is not a job, but a choice and a lifestyle.”

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