Cereset Cherry Creek: Gina Fontaine spent 25 years as a wellness professional. She is now the Client Center Manager at Cereset in Glendale.

Cereset is a franchise based in Scottsdale, Arizona, that started in 2004 with franchising beginning in 2018. Now, Cereset has 60 locations in the U.S. with an additional three in Europe. Cereset, founded by Lee Gerdes, is a clinic focused on brain health and new technologies. Cereset was recently named a Top New Franchise by Entrepreneur.

Gerdes’ own stress imbalanced brain led to eight long years of sleepless misery. Gerdes’ background in mathematics, physics, computer software development, theology, and psychology led him to develop the technology to support his own brain’s ability to relax, using the original Cereset technology.

Cereset uses non-invasive technology to help balance the brain, bringing multiple oth­er benefits for the human body. According to Cereset and clinical research, a bal­anc­ed brain increases performance and energy, supports restful sleep, releases stress, enhances learning and memory, overcomes worry and anxiety, and restores hope and hap­piness.

These sessions can restore a ­person’s well-being and help with problems such as insomnia, sleep apnea, anxiety, ­chronic stress, depression, post-traumatic stress, an­ger, memory, post-concussion ­symp­­toms, foggy thinking, persistent COVID-19 symp­toms, and many others.

“If you think about it, your brain is the master controller of every function in your body,” said Gina Fontaine, Client Center Man­ager for Cereset Cherry Creek. “What we are doing is calming the brain down so the brain can take care of its functions. It is non­invasive because we are recording the frequencies of your brain. People ex­pe­rience big changes within one week. Re­sults happen so quickly.” When your brain is out of balance, or stuck, you don’t feel right and it’s impossible to function at your highest level. Cereset can help your brain free itself, enabling you to achieve higher levels of well-being and balance throughout your life.

Ribbon-Cutting: Glendale officials helped Cereset with their ribbon-cutting in May 2023. Cereset opened their doors in Glendale in March 2023.


Fontaine has spent her 25-year career as a wellness professional. A lifelong insomniac, she finally found the reset her brain needed with Cereset BrainEcho wellness tech­nology. For many years, she spent a lot of money on holistic therapies and supplements that provided temporary relief. Now, she sleeps seven to eight hours most nights of the week.

Once Fontaine experienced Cereset, she found a sustainable daily calm that now enables her to keep up with her three active teens, while managing the responsibilities of the center. Running a single adult household, Fontaine has endured, at times, an in­tolerable amount of stress which she recounts in her bestselling book. Now she is thriving and even makes time to regularly play tennis, paddleboard, practice yoga, and hike and camp in the mountains of Colorado.

Cereset is founded on the principle that the brain is capable of correcting itself when it can “see” that it is stuck ­— or unbalanced. Cereset supports the brain to relax in order to rebalance and reset itself for optimal regulation. A balanced brain is a better brain and sustains a healthier person in every way.

Cereset is not driven by a conscious effort to train the brain or change the brain’s response, like Neurofeedback. Cereset is guided by the brain itself, so it can relax and reset itself naturally without using human willpower or outside intervention.

The earliest technology, prior to Cereset, involved a great deal of time to administer, and lengthy sessions with clients. Cereset is fast, effective, and efficient — usually re­quiring five office sessions of approximately one to two hours each, and periodic “tune-ups”, as needed, to provide ongoing support.

Cereset’s BrainEcho mirroring process will help you experience more restful sleep, which is connected with other benefits, including releasing stress, overcoming worry and anxiety, restoring hope and ­happiness, and increasing energy levels. “Going to work every morning on only 2-3 hours of sleep was slowly, but surely running me straight into the ground, said Cereset client Amanda J. “After only two sessions, I slept the entire night.”

Fontaine is glad Cereset chose Glendale for the location of this franchise. “I feel a sense of independence in Glendale,” said Fontaine. “I feel like there’s going to be a little more freedom of operating business versus somewhere in Denver.”

She is also a fan of this publication. “I love this newspaper,” said Fontaine. “I start­ed reading it when I lived in the area. I found that I was reading it cover to cover. I said, wow, these people are a little bit renegade and a little bit edgy and I like that. It’s not liberal or conservative but a nice balance of both.”

Discover how your brain can resolve sleep, energy, focus, stress, and mood im­balance with Cereset’s non-invasive brain-based approach to well-being. Mention this article to receive a free Cereset session ($99 value) or call to find out more about the comprehensive 5-session Cereset pack­age.

Cereset Cherry Creek is located at in the 16-story Cherry Tower at 950 S. Cherry Street, Suite 912, in Glendale. Call 303-954-8834 or visit www.cereset.com for more information. Follow them on social media @WeAreCereset.