D&S 2116 Cleaning Services started in 2014 in Pasadena, California, birthplace of General Manager Marcus Chaney. “I did a lot of work in sober living facilities in the Los Angeles area,” said Chaney. “I got a lot of outreach from my Baptist church as well.”

D&S 2116 Cleaning Services uses a fog machine to clean and sterilize homes, businesses, and automobiles using organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free products.

Chaney helped start the business because his daughter was born with a respiratory illness. “Normal cleaning supplies are not healthy for her breathing patterns,” said Chaney. “I had to come up with new ways of cleaning our residence for her.”

Chaney created a proprietary solution of organic disinfectants that he calls his “secret sauce.” He uses these solutions on all of the cleaning he does including residences, offices, and even automobiles. He sanitizes cars and leaves a fresh scent behind for $75. “Most of our clients love the scent we provide using essential oils on top of the right disinfectant solutions coordinated by the CDC,” said Chaney. “I learned the fogging procedures working on a cruise ship in Hawaii 13 years ago. I have a lot of experience with the fogging machine which actually touches everything in residences, offices, and cars.”

Each car takes six minutes to sanitize and approximately 15 minutes to dry. D&S also uses a microfiber cloth to wipe down the windows, seats, and dash after sanitizing. Chaney uses the same fog machine in homes and businesses as it is safe for all humans and pets.

The majority of D&S 2116 Cleaning Services’ business comes from move outs due to relocation. However, D&S Cleaning Services is building its business in the Greater Glendale area and hoping for more reoccurring service which includes dusting, cleaning vents, stoves, windows, and blinds. Essentially anything that is touched in a home or business, D&S 2116 Cleaning Service can clean with their all organic, non-toxic, and chemical-free products.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, business has increased 65% for D&S 2116 Cleaning Service. They are hoping to capitalize on this momentum and secure government contracts and eventually franchise their business. But Chaney always keeps his eye on the local community and joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce because of past dealings with a Chamber in California. “I had some dealings with the San Gabriel Chamber in California, and I love how the Chamber did community outreach,” said Chaney.

D&S 2116 Cleaning Service is family owned and operated and backed by the Better Business Bureau. They love to serve the community with all of their passion and dedication. Readers of this article are offered a 10% discount or $10 off their first-time cleaning.

For more information, visit www.dand s2116cleaning.com or call 720-909-5425.