Conveniently Located: Faded Barbershop is located at Colorado Boulevard and Mississippi, in between Qdoba and Colorado Gold Mart. 

Entrepreneur: Becky Thompson has been cutting hair for 15 years and has recently opened up her own business, Faded Barbershop.

The Faded Barbershop opened its doors in the heart of Glendale this spring, launching what owner Becky Thompson hopes will become a lifelong business for herself and her family.

The Faded Barbershop is located at 1152 S. Colorado Boulevard, Unit 402 in the Square One Shopping Plaza on the southeast corner of Colorado Boulevard and Mississippi. It’s a full-service salon offering haircuts, shaves, razor shaves and facial waxing.

Thompson has been in the hair care business for 15 years, the past 10 at her previous location. Opening the Faded Barbershop is a big step for her. “I like the freedom of owning my own business,” she says. “This is a baby step on the way to owning my own storefront.” Thompson has two young children, a seven-year-old daughter and three-year-old son. “I want to make my empire, “she explains, “And make it a business my kids can take over if they want.”

Thompson loves her business. “I can’t imagine doing anything else.” She does haircuts for men, women and children and points out the Faded Barbershop is very family friendly. She’s built long-lasting relationships with her clients. “I cut their hair when they were little boys and girls and now they’re adults. It’s been crazy to watch them grow up,” Thompson says.

When it came time to pick a location for her new business, Glendale was the perfect spot. Thompson exclaims, “I love Glendale. I lived a block away when I first moved to the Denver area and it’s kind of like coming home.”

Thompson is excited about being a member of the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “I’m looking forward to just getting out there to the events and meeting people.”

She sees the Chamber as a great way to grow her business and help others grow theirs. She notes her clients at the Faded Barbershop come from all walks of life. She calls it “if you need a guy.” “If you need a landscaper, a realtor, a plumber,” Thompson explains, “I probably got a guy who can help you.”

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