IT Support: K3 Technology provides IT support for companies who do not have their own IT department.

Team Of Experts: Keith Murley, Managing Director of K3 Technology, left, and Kelly Kercher, Founder and President of K3 Technology say their strength is partnering with their clients on their operations, handling all of the technical support, and then looking at what else technology can do for their business.

K3 Technology was founded in 2017 by Kelly Kercher and his two twin brothers. The triplets formed the company and the name K3 was born. K3 Technology provides information technology (IT) support for companies between 20-400 employees and essentially serves as the IT department.

How is K3 Technology effective as a managed services provider to their customers? They know what works, what doesn’t, and what is a waste of money. They drill through all the marketing and analyze solutions to their technical core and ask the most important question, “Does this technology benefit their clients?” “We truly believe we can help the clients that we bring on,” said Keith Murley, Managing Director of K3 Technology.

“We are redefining ourselves and our industry, said Kelly Kercher, Founder and President of K3 Technology. “We break ourselves apart from other companies.”

Since innovation is built on previous innovation, K3 Technology has had front row seats on how technology has evolved and has seen how it has improved over the years. This allows them to get a perspective on what they know is on the horizon, plus know what is an actual proven technology. Since they monitor and test each innovation, it enables them to continually improve their portfolio of technology services and have an arsenal of services ready for any business.

That arsenal can include support all of servers and software, backup of all files, disaster recovery, workstation support, and more. The logical question is what does this service cost for a business to retain their services?

“Pricing is based on an experience formula that takes into consideration how many servers they have, how many workstations, how many people they have and what level of support they need,” said Murley. “Where our strength is for our clients is partnering with them on their operations, handling all of the technical support, and then looking at what else technology can do for their business.”

Their clients, now surpassing a total of 50, trust that K3 Technology and their 11 employees will cut through the technical jargon and get to the core of solving their business problems. When they recommend a solution, it’s not because it’s the most profitable, it’s because it’s the best solution for their business. K3 Technology has proven their methodology to their clients over and over again for 15 years. This is the single biggest reason why their clients continue to use their services.

Kercher was part of a larger company but started his own company two years ago and brought many clients over that he had cultivated over the last 10-15 years. Today, K3 Technology relies on word of mouth and referrals as their primary source of generating new business.

“We love growing businesses based on relationships so the fact that most of our new business comes from client relationships and referrals,” said Murley. “The Chamber is a great way for people to get to know us and develop that personal connection that ideally will lead to similar opportunities. “We are working with Infinity Park Event Center so we help support all of their events behind the scenes,” said Kercher.

K3 Technology has 24/7 support and can be reached at 303-770-8050. For more information, visit