Owner & Chef: Fetien Gebre-Michael (left) is one of 12 siblings and has been cooking her entire life. She has been cooking for large groups of people which has helped her with her catering and food truck business. SHe is pictured here with her business partner, Yoseph Assefa.

Food Hall: Konjo is set to open inside the new Edgewater Public Market at 20th and Depew in late September. 2

Whether you’re planning a thoughtful dinner for one or a celebration for one thousand, Konjo would appreciate joining you. They’ve enjoyed sharing their love of Ethiopian culture for over a decade in the heart of Colorado. Sharing a specially prepared meal is a time-honored Ethiopian tradition that Konjo continues to uphold.

Konjo (cone:jo) comes from the Ethiopian language of Amharic, meaning beautiful. Konjo Catering was founded in 2008, The Ethiopian Food Truck in 2015, and the soon to be open storefront, Konjo Ethiopian Food inside the new Edgewater Public Market near 20th and Sheridan.

Edgewater Public Market will have 75,000 square feet of space 

for 12 different international options, including Konjo. “We want to expand rapidly through the food halls,” said Konjo Owner Fetien Gebre-Michael. “We started with a vision of slowly but surely, like a marathon. We want to get there with diligence and passion.”

The catering, food truck, and food hall businesses all specialize in Ethiopian cuisine. Konjo has catered many events throughout Colorado and Metro Denver area including The Denver Food Rave, Cardinal Management Group Holiday Parties, Cleo Parker-Robinson Dance Studio, Civic Canopy and Caring for Colorado, to name a few.

The Ethiopian Food Truck can be found at Civic Center Park, City Park Jazz on Sunday nights in the summer and Colorado Fresh Markets in Cherry Creek on Saturdays through October 26, 2019.

Weddings, social and c

orporate events are their specialty. If you’re looking for something different, healthy and flavorful, they would be happy to sit with you and plan your next event. Gebre-Michael is dedicated to ensuring a memorable experience from beginning to end. The eldest daughter of 12 siblings and a Col

Food Truck: Konjo’s food truck can be seen around town at events, festivals, and farmers markets. Konjo is at Colorado Fresh Markets in Cherry Creek on Saturdays through October 26, 2019.

orado resident since age three, Gebre-Michael learned how to cook healthy food with a personal flare. Konjo offers a unique cultural experience for wedding, corporate and social gatherings.

“For those that are not fam

iliar with Ethiopian food, if I had to pick another culture to compare it to, I would say Indian,” said Gebre-Michael. “We have a lot of different kinds of curries. There is this one chili powder, called berbere which is native to Ethiopia.”

Gebre-Michael is excited for the future and is focused on the future of Ethiopian cuisine. “We are going to be the first ever fast casual Ethiopian restaurant in Colorado,” said Gebre-Michael. “Ethiopian food is trendy. It’s vegan, it’s gluten free, and it’s good for you. And it’s so yummy.”

For Gebre-Michael, joining the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce was an easy decision. “I joined the Glendale Chamber because I always get the Glendale paper [Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle] and I’m always interested in it,” said Gebre-Michael. “I literally read everything from front to back. I love that paper. You always find out what’s going on in the area. It’s a nice area and it’s gotten younger too. We are growing the business so we want to branch out and reach more audiences.”

For more information, visit www.konjogroup.com or follow them on Facebook @KonjoCatering.