The Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce is proud to bring together this list of highly valued Members…

Our network within the community of Glendale is resourceful and ambitious.  We encourage you to utilize our convenient member directory to easily find the member you need.


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Mindful Massage

Business: Mindful Massage
Owner Title: Owner
Phone: 602-689-1695
Business Address:
1230 S Parker Rd, Suite 207, Denver, Colorado, USA 80231-2119
Contact Name: Wendy Watson
Direct/Cell: 602-689-1695
Summary: WHAT IS A "MINDFUL MASSAGE"? A Mindful Massage is not just a protocol massage or "standard" massage.  A Mindful Massage is when the practitioner is [...]

Jewish Community Center Denver

Business: Jewish Community Center Denver
Phone: 303-399-2660
Business Address:
350 S Dahlia St, Denver, CO, USA, Colorado, USA 80246
Contact Name: Bruce Elebee
Direct/Cell: 303-316-6363
Summary: We put the ish in Jewish. WHAT IS THE ISH? The ish is the cultural piece of Jewish life. It’s the part that honors customs, traditions, and art. The part that debates [...]

Glendale Sports Center

Business: Glendale Sports Center
Owner Title: Experience Director
Phone: 303-639-4711
Business Address:
4500 E Kentucky Ave, Glendale, CO, USA, Colorado, USA 80246
Contact Name: Lynn Taylor
Direct/Cell: 303-639-5771
Summary: The Glendale Sports Center (managed by the YMCA) is the centerpiece of a healthy Glendale community. Since opening in 2008, it has grown to [...]

Denver Aikido

Business: Denver Aikido
Business Address:
1592 S Broadway, Denver, Colorado, USA 80210
Contact Name: Edgar Johansson
Direct/Cell: (720) 570-3599
Summary: We are a dojo that supports and cultivates martial exploration. All students are encouraged to find a way through techniques so the movement works [...]

Bella Diva Dance

Business: Bella Diva Dance
Owner Title: Artistic Director & Founder
Phone: 303-359-9414
Business Address:
4309 E Mississippi Ave, Glendale, CO, USA, Colorado, USA 80246
Contact Name: Caitlin Brozna-Smith
Summary: Founded in 2010, Bella Diva Dance is a Glendale-based world dance company that offers both instructional dance classes and professional themed shows centered around [...]