PrintThe future of credit card processing has arrived which represents added protection for consumers and a major shift for merchants. Starting on October 1st merchants will use updated equipment to read a microchip embedded in your credit card as opposed to the traditional magnetic strip on the back. Consumers may not notice a major difference but for merchants this new protocol is profound. The reason? In October,  liability will shift to the merchant if it fails to update equipment and a customer is a victim of fraud while using a chip card.

Perfect Processing, headquartered in the Denver Tech Center, is a merchant services partner, perfectly poised to help their clients meet full compliance with the new regulations.  Owner Brian Cook reports that 94% of Perfect Processing clients are compliant and prepared for the switch. A concern for Cook, however, is how many other merchants are not even aware of the changes and are ill-equipped to handle the new technology.

According to Cook, “All the bad guys understand about compliance. The criminals are a IMG_0111 (1)step ahead.” He adds, “The first time a merchant gets a charge back…it will be an eye opening experience.” One concern for merchants are the costs associated with updating equipment. Some processing companies are offering new terminals as high as $1,000. Cautions Cook, “If you pay more than a couple of hundred for a terminal, they’re screwing you.”

Perfect Processing is helping to educate merchants by hosting seminars for the Better Business Bureau. Yes, there are some hoops to jump through but by addressing the issues now, merchants can avoid the painful reality of reimbursing customers should a transaction go bad. However, merchants don’t have to navigate these waters alone. Cook’s advice is to contact your processing company and get the help you need to ensure a smooth transition.

The new frontier of credit card processing doesn’t have to seem like the wild, wild, west. Perfect Processing walks each and every client through the process and offers additional troubleshooting in order to identify potential tampering opportunities. As the processing company for the Better Business Bureau, the Greater Glendale Chamber, and other local merchants, Perfect Processing has earned it’s stellar reputation. Says Cook, “[If] the BBB trusts us, you know you can too.”

The reputation of the company, along with 24/7 customer service, helps clients integrate internet, mobile apps, credit cards, and a wide variety of payment processing options. Change is here and, adds Cook, if your processing company isn’t helpful, find one who is.”

If you need advice or are ready to take control of your credit card processing with a company that cares, call Perfect Processing at 303-741-2874 or visit them online at