First Mate & Host: The tiki boat was created by area resident John Edwards, who also organizes the weekend Boomer Social Network dances and events for singles. All cruises start from The Wharf, a separate grassed picnic area south of the Lake House at Pelican Bay at Cherry Creek Reservoir.

 It is in Cherry Creek — not in the shopping area — but in actual Cherry Creek — the reservoir.

New Chamber member, The Colorado Tiki Boat, a 15-passenger, uniquely decorated pontoon boat, takes visitors on tours around historic Cherry Creek Lake.

Created by longtime Glendale singles dance and nightclub promoter John Edwards, The Colorado Tiki Boat is decorated with bamboo sides, a roof of woven Mexican thatch and rustic canvas plus fish nets, a palm tree and flamingos.

It is an affordable and convenient way to actually get out on the water at the in-town 840-acre lake that most residents see only by driving across the elevated Dam Road that parallels I-225.

The 28-foot, stable boat floats slowly past sailboats, water skiers, wake boarders and jet skiers racing around the center of the lake. Paddle boarders and kayaks share the slow boat’s shoreline route.

Public cruises are offered on Saturday and Sunday at 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. for $19 per person.

“It is a party boat but not a booze cruise because Colorado State Park rules allow only 3.2 beer and Mike’s Hard Lemonade,” explained Edwards, who in the 1970s and ’80s promoted the popular #3

Relaxing Cruise: The Colorado Tiki Boat offers cruises to individuals and groups up to 15 passengers. Decked out in island fashion and topped by a canvas shade roof, the Colorado Tiki pontoon boat provides an affordable way to get out on a lake.

Lift Nightclub and Wellington Broker in Glendale.

“The old Harris Kayot pontoon boat was purchased on Craigslist, towed up from Pueblo Reservoir and decorated with items from Goodwill and Walmart,” he added.

The Colorado Tiki Boat is available for birthday and office parties and specializes in bachelorette parties. Instead of bouncing around on a speed boat, passengers can walk around, mingle and even dance to the beach music.

The boat is piloted by a Coast Guard-rated Captain while owner Edwards serves as the First Mate and Host. Reservations are necessary.

For more information, photos and reservations, go to or call 720-364-5299.