Wendy Watson started TBR Spiritual Health in January 2023. She takes an individual approach with each client where it isn’t a one size fits all model.

Holistic: TBR Spiritual Healing believes in body, mind, spirit, and emotional health.

Wendy Watson lived in Phoenix for 19 years and moved to Denver at the end of June 2022. She shut down her business, sold her home, and moved to Denver ready for a change. She was tired of the heat and was drawn to the mountains for a fresh start.

She launched TBR Spiritual Health in January 2023. She focuses on life coaching, intuitive reading, meditation, energy work, and a more all-inclusive health approach. “I think what sets me apart is the different set of tools that we use,” says Watson, owner of TBR Spiritual Health. “Some use hiking, retreats, and meditation or traditional certified approaches. My approach is more holistic and spiritual and I use astrocartography for instance. It helps me to dive into who you are and what your path is. It is more from a spiritual approach than from a traditional or outdoorsy approach.”

Astrology is all about how the placements of the planets affect us as individuals. Astrocartography takes this concept one step further and maps where the planets were rising and setting all over the world when someone was born.

Watson rebranded her former business Mindful Massage to TBR Spiritual Health in January 2023. Ninety-eight percent of the clients that come in are repeat clients which is a testament to how much Watson helps. “My healer is Wendy W.,” said Ryan L. “I’ve been seeing Wendy for 5+ years. I am an extreme athlete that is aging with a broken body. I went down the road of western medicine for a decade that created more problems. I’ve seen her for massage, life coaching, and recently, energy work.”

TBR Spiritual Health believes in body, mind, spirit, and emotional health. They want to help you on your journey to create a positive life that is in sync with your spiritual relationship and life goals. She spends 90 minutes with clients, allowing them to release anything verbal that is on their mind. This allows for the body to start to relax and then be ready for massage.

“I want people to know that I take an individualist and intuitive approach,” said Watson. “Not every session will be the same. Everybody will be in a different mood or different situations going on every time they come in. Every session is tailored to what they need.”

Watson has been a massage therapist for over 12 years and was always drawn to the energy modalities. “Through learning about this amazing work, I have healed so many aspects about myself and have developed my spiritual relationship; and continue to this day,” said Watson. “Life is all about learning to be the best version of ourselves.”

For the past eight years, Watson has been developing her skills in intuition, reading energy, clairvoyance (sense of vision), clair-audience (sense of hearing), claircognizance (sense of knowing), clairsentience (sense of spirtiual feeling), clairempathy (sense of emotional feeling), and clairtangency (sense of touch). She uses them in a variety of ways to be able to help each client individually, based off their need(s)/want(s).

Watson has jumped in with both feet after recently moving to Denver and launching a new business. She did not waste any time with joining the Chamber. “I have been a part of the BBB for six years and being in the healing industry, I felt it was very important to be part of the community and a part of reputable organizations to help build your reputation and give credence to what you do,” said Watson. “ And also network and meet other professionals. Being new to Denver, I felt is was especially important because I need to learn Denver and meet people. It is part of development, networking, and building my reputation.”

TBR Spiritual Health offers classes on Positive Thinking, Manifestation & Creation, Creating Harmony, & Softening Your Communication every Monday night at 6 p.m. They will be in-person and virtual. The next one is April 3, 2023, and the topic is: How to develop healthy coping skills.

Visit www.tbrspiritualhealth.com for more information and for a full list of services. If you mention this article, you will receive 20% off your first life coaching session.