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Light Speed Delivery:  No Job Too Big Or Too Small

Does anyone like moving?  The answer is most likely “no” since moving is time consuming, tiring and inconvenient. In fact most people will do whatever it takes to make their moving process as painless is possible and that’s where Light Speed Delivery comes in.  Owner Brian Light got into the moving/delivering business after managing a furniture store warehouse and his company continues to grow.

“When I worked at the warehouse we would rent trucks to satisfy our growing delivery needs and the boss would always complain about not having enough trucks so I went out and bought one and showed up with it the next day,” Light explained. “My boss was flabbergasted and told me that I could keep the revenue from the increased deliveries. Five months later I was doing so well I decided to try going into business on my own and that was 19 years ago.”

Family owned and operated since 1994, Light Speed Delivery has four main divisions: residential moves, commercial moves, deliveries and storage. The company handles anything from an individual moving from one place to another to large companies moving their offices.  Additionally, a major aspect that sets Light Speed Delivery apart from other moving companies is that Light Speed Delivery can also deliver items of any size and provides storage for their customers.

“We can do everything from packing to moving and storage and we also specialize in doing the heavy and difficult items like gun safes, hot tubs and pool tables,” Light said.

According to Light, the company initially focused on delivering and storing large items.  When clients began asking them to provide moving solutions for their large homes filled with difficult items Light decided it was time to add moving to their list of specialties with no job being too big or too small.

“We do everything from household storage to automobile storage, from a single piece to a multi-million dollar inventory and everything in between,” he said.

Light Speed Delivery has a climate-controlled, 45,000 square-foot storage facility ensuring room for all types of belongings and everyone on the moving team is required to have at least five years of cumulative experience. The company also maintains a full line of boxes on hand, including dish packs, wardrobe, lamp and book boxes along with heavy duty plastic covers for beds, carpet shield and tape.

The team handles shipping and receiving for items of any size and will inspect the shipments, sign for them on behalf of the client, store them safely and then deliver them. For those looking to remodel their office Light Speed Delivery can receive, deliver and set up items such as cubicles or workstations.

Light added, “We can customize a packing and moving plan that matches your budget and we will provide warehousing and delivery service for anyone no matter how big or how small the job is.”

Although Light has been in business for close to two decades, he decided to join the Glendale Chamber because he was “looking for a good resource to build the business and thought the Glendale Chamber was one of the best resources in the Denver area.”

He added, “The Chamber has helped my business because it has introduced us to many good resources ranging from business owners to the contacts they provide.”

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