Coldwell Bankers NEWNine years ago, the worst financial crisis in history was underway, the U.S. real estate market was in free fall and the market was down, down, down. So naturally that was the perfect time for  Chamber Ambassador and Coldwell Banker real estate agent John McComas to jump into the fray.  “2007…..I earned my real estate license….in 2007,” laughs McComas.

Despite the challenges facing sellers, buyers, and agents, McComas survived and is now part of one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. “If you can survive a down market, then you can survive anything,” says McComas. The Denver real estate market is exciting says McComas because the market is good for everyone. Sellers can still expect to gain and buyers have real power with consistently low interest rates and inventory to choose from.

However, beyond market data the reality for buyers is that buying a new home is a watershed moment and represents an incredible commitment. “There is a lot of pressure in the industry to be transactional,” says McComas. “I don’t see that. Buying and selling a home is emotional, you have to be able to trust the captain, someone who can connect to what you’re going through.”

McComas put this philosophy into action when he joined forces with business partner CarlJohn Full HR_small McNew in 2008. Together they created a team approach to real estate that offers agents the opportunity to collaborate but to also explore and develop their strengths to better serve the needs of local buyers and sellers. Metro Denver Real Estate Group (MDREG) has grown to include over 25 realtors covering the greater Denver metro area from DTC to downtown Denver.

At MDREG, the relationship goes beyond commissions and closing costs. The realtors identify themselves as good neighbors. They support local business, host happy hours, and help connect people. It’s one of the reasons why McComas got involved in the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “Yes, I want to meet people and promote my own business but I work for a big company and have many tools at my fingertips. It’s a completely different situation for small business owners. The Chamber is a great place where companies of any size can exchange information and offer alternate perspectives which, in turn, helps the business community at large.”

While it’s true that Winter is in full swing, Spring will come again and with it comes the promise of perhaps a new home, or a rental property. If it’s on your mind now, it’s the perfect time to call John McComas and his team at Metro Denver Real Estate Group to help prepare you for the exciting adventure that awaits you in one of the strongest real estate markets in the country. They can be reached at or you can contact John directly at 303-409-6077.

Some source material provided by The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle