Sophisticated Properties: Owners Andrew Ford and Drew Meyers provide expert real estate advise in the luxury leasing and sales market.

Deciding to sell or lease a home is a complicated process and Sophisticated Properties is the perfect choice for owners considering that decision. Sophisticated Properties specializes in helping owners lease their luxury homes and investment properties.

Owners Drew Meyers and Andrew Ford have over 30 years experience in the real estate field. Meyers has been a real estate broker since 1984, including dealing with high end celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. Ford has an extensive background in property management. Ford says, “We use our knowledge to help owners build wealth through real estate. Many times, that includes leasing their home for monthly cash flow while still holding on to their home.”

Meyers notes, “Jobs are being created in the Denver metro area in droves and wealthy people are relocating here. Many of them aren’t ready to buy right away and are choosing to lease long term. Sophisticated Properties has the tools and systems in place to take you from start to finish on your leasing journey.” Ford adds, “From professional marketing, personalized showings, in-depth background screening, lease execution and beyond Sophisticated Properties does it all.”

Ford explains they start with an understanding of the client’s long term goals and then design a plan to help achieve those goals. Their combination of real estate broker and property management expertise means Sophisticated Properties is uniquely qualified to find the perfect lease price for your high end property and formulate and carry out an effective marketing plan.

Meyers says, “We have the ability to market to a wide syndicate of websites to make s

ure your property is visible to as many potential tenants as possible.”

Sophisticated Properties takes the stress out of the leasing situation for high end home owners. Meyers and Ford handle all of the inquires and personally show the properties. “We give your property the white glove treatment it deserves,” Ford says. Sophisticated Properties also conducts the comprehensive background checks and negotiates the lease terms. In addition, the company draws up an iron clad and transparent lease and coordinates lease payments. Meyers says “These are complex legal documents and as agents and brokers we are trained to do this.”

Sophisticated Properties can also stay on to help through the entire lease if the client wishes and offers several packages to fit whatever works best for the client.

Meyers and Ford recognize the benefits of belonging to the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. They cite the excellent networking opportunities and see the Chamber as a resource to connect with other businesses.

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