Peepers Optical Celebrates 30th Anniversary: Peepers Optical has been providing exceptional eyecare and eyewear since 1989.

Peepers Optical has been the Denver area’s go to place to get great eyewear and exceptional eyecare since 1989, and is inviting everyone to help celebrate their 30th anniversary sale. Peepers Optical is located at 5075 Leetsdale in Denver, and you can take advantage of great sale prices from May 1-31, 2019.

Peepers Optical was established in 1989 by Joni Smith and Roger Cawthorn, who wanted to provide excellent eyecare along with an exceptional selection of frames. Current owner Dr. Raymond McCleery has been with Peepers from the beginning. He was the original doctor when Peepers first opened its doors and he bought the business in 1997. Dr. McCleery is an avid sailor and a plant and fish aquarium aficionado and his interests carry over into Peepers’ décor. When you first walk in, you are struck by the establishment’s warm, sunny vibe with lots of plants, a large fish tank and sailing photo.

The history of Peepers Optical is uniquely tied to the history of Denver. Longtime residents may recall the original location which was referred to as the “Big Purple Building” on Colorado Boulevard. Peepers moved to its current location on Leetsdale in 2002.

Peepers display cases are another historic detail. They are the jewelry display cases from the old Denver Dry Goods store when it was a focus of downtown Denver retail.

And back in the day, Peepers’ radio advertisements featured the jingle from the popular song “Jeepers Creepers, where’d you get those peepers.”

Peepers Optical has retained its passion for excellence throughout its 30 year history and remains a one-stop shop for all your eyecare and eyewear needs. Dr. Anthony Bistodeau joined the practice in 2017. He and other staff provide eye exams, contact lens exams, Lasik evaluation, and can help with all your eyecare needs. You will also get personal styling attention while shopping for frames and sunglasses. Peepers boasts the largest selection of designer frames in the area.

Peeper’s co-owner Jeanine McCleery notes, “In today’s digital world the optical needs of our patients have evolved. Even people who do not need glasses can benefit from lenses with a blue blocking filter or an extremely light prescription that can help reduce eye strain.”

Sunglasses are much more than a fashion accessory in Colorado. McCleery points out, “Living in Colorado with over 300 days of sunshine it’s important to wear a pair of quality sunglasses. Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays.” McCleery says the right sunglasses can help protect against cataracts, growths on the eye (including cancer) and other eye conditions.

Whether it’s time for an eye exam, stylish new frames or sunglasses it’s a great time to enjoy a great deal at Peepers’ 30th anniversary sale in May.

For more information you can call Peepers Optical at 303-333-2800 or online at