Have you ever faced a freezing winter morning and your car won’t start? How about that Monday? You know the one when your daughter had a cold, you had a game changing presentation due at work and the keys?…locked in your car, of course.

We’ve all been there but luckily if you’re one of the 577,000 members of AAA Colorado help is a quick phone call away. “Our 24/7 call center has 52 rep stations and handles over 1,100 calls per day, with the volume spiking to over 3,100 calls on days with big snowstorms,” says Sr. Vice President Linda Cavanagh.

Linda Cavanagh

With AAA’s outstanding reputation and impeccable customer service it’s no surprise that the AAA has access to the largest fleet of roadside assistance vehicles in the state. AAA is committed to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. Of course AAA will tow your car if it’s necessary but according to Cavanagh, AAA gets you going without a tow on average 60% of the time, a higher percentage than the competition.

We’ve all been stranded with a dead battery.  AAA Battery Service is one of the most popular services offered by the company and the service goes beyond just jumping your car. When a AAA member calls, the call center quickly dispatches a special battery service truck driven by a technician with the diagnostic tools to test your battery right on the spot.

Whether it’s a loose connection or you need a new battery. Your friendly technician can run a diagnostic test, which is part of your annual membership, and get you back on the road in no time. Of course, you don’t have to be stranded for the service, you can schedule a battery diagnostic and have a competitively priced battery installed at your convenience, eliminating any roadside surprises.

Another great thing about AAA service is that it is there for you regardless of the car you’re in. Whether it’s a rental car, you’re driving your sister’s-daughter’s-best friend’s car, or you’re a passenger, AAA “has you covered.”

AAA is there to give you confidence when you’re on the road or a road trip. AAA travel agents can help you plan unique trips and introduce you to wonderful travel destinations unlike any found online.

As a member of the Greater Glendale Chamber Board of Directors, Cavanagh considers the chamber to be a valuable business partner with outstanding networking opportunities. She says the events are not only fun but a great way to stay connected to what’s going on in the community.

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