Melissa Berg Feb2015All-Pro Booking is a perfect example of how Glendale Chamber Members are pursuing their passions while building successful local businesses right here in Colorado. Owner Melissa Berg has combined her love for aviation and live music and has created a charter company that moves both passengers and cargo. In some cases this cargo is quite precious indeed.

“Our primary specialty is arranging charter flights for organ transplant patients. We also book and coordinate charters for time-sensitive cancer vaccines,” explains Berg. Berg got her start in the business working for her dad when she was thirteen.

She also teams up with her mother, Tamara Gifford, owner of Glendale’s popular salon The Forum Hair Studio. Both women are long standing and respected Chamber Ambassadors with a knack for making connections and bringing people together.

Says Berg, “My mom and dad taught me so much about business. I love working with my parents and I love being my own boss.” Berg has a home office and has become a master at time management. This allowed her to expand her horizons in 2009 after meeting country musician Matt Buckstein and taking on manager duties for his popular band Buckstein.

Buckstein“I am the invisible 7th player,” she says. “I joyously handle everything from cold calls to prospective clients and venues, to booking the event, as well as coordinating the travel and business contracts.” Her hard work has really paid off for the band. According to band frontman Matt Buckstein, “Melissa works tirelessly at every task she picks up. And she picks up every task! What I love about her is no matter how crazy the dream, she’ll go for it. The band would not be where it is today without Melissa.”

Berg’s business has expanded to include several other bands and musicians. “I love what I do. I have all the freedom I want and I’m able to help people.” One way she pays it forward is her involvement with the Greater Glendale Chamber. “The Chamber helped me evolve and develop a brand. It’s been a great help to my company…”

If you would like more information on chartering flights or would like to catch Buckstein in action, give Melissa a call at All-Pro Booking Agency at 720-732-2000 or visit the website at


Some source material provided by The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.