Whether they realize it or not, everyone who is running a business needs a writer.  Web sites, press releases, profiles, marketing and promotional materials and anything else that is used to convey a company’s message requires someone to write the content.  That’s where Laura Lieff comes in.  In addition to her job as the Content Editor & Feature Reporter of the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle and her role as an Ambassador for the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Lieff has her own freelance writing company called Lieff Ink.

Designed to help you get your point across through smart and edgy writing while keeping your audience in mind, Lieff Ink delivers your specific writing and editing requests within your budget and on time.  Over the years Lieff has written about a variety of topics including neighborhood features, personal profiles, music, sports, entertainment, special events and education and more.  Her expertise also extends to corporate communication and community relations.

“There is so much writing involved in business that may not be apparent at first glance because it mostly happens behind the scenes,” Lieff said.  “But just like having a great IT person or a skilled mechanic is vital, having an experienced writer on call is necessary when it comes to running a business and I always want to be that person.”

She continued, “Writing is essential for items you might not think of such as restaurant menus, corporate letters, brochures, etc.  All of these materials need to be well-written and turned around in a timely manner which is something I can do for any company or individual.”

“As the owner of a small company, hiring a freelance writer like Laura is so important,” said Nutritious U owner Lauren Shrensky.  “She can convey any message you want as she takes the time to listen to what you want and need.  It’s also really nice to have a go-to writer for press releases, web site content and any other writing needs I have.”

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Lieff grew up in the music business.  Her family founded and operated a chain of record stores in Florida for 50 years and music has always been a significant part of her life.  She moved to Colorado in 2002 to attend the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she earned a degree in English.  After graduation, she moved to Denver and began working for the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle.  She has been with the newspaper for over five years and has developed an extensive knowledge of and personal relationships with many local businesses.

“Over the years having Laura to call when it comes to our website and promotional materials has been great,” said Bull & Bush owner David Peterson.  “We are constantly changing things up and Laura has been instrumental in making sure we get the word out in the most effective way possible.”

In addition to her work with the newspaper and freelance writing, Lieff also has a blog where she critiques all things pop culture including music, movies, sports and television.  For more information visit www.lauralieff.com , call 720-244-4810 or send an email to laura.lieff@gmail.com.