Sophisticated Properties Offers Solutions

The world has changed drastically in the past couple of months. As a result, the real estate market is changing as well. Drew Myers and Andrew Ford with Sophisticated Properties note, “People are scared, banks are tightening their belts, unemployment is at record highs and there is less real estate inventory available.” But, they add, “Now is the time to re-evaluate your plans and goals and talk about how these recent changes might impact your specific situation.”

Ford says, “While people may have lost money through shutdowns and stock market fluctuations, real estate offers an opportunity.”

Myers and Ford have over 30 years of experience in the real estate field. Myers points out, “We use our knowledge to help owners build wealth through real estate.”

Sophisticated Properties: Owners Andrew Ford and Drew Meyers provide expert real estate advise in the luxury leasing and sales market.

Because values are still strong and rents have not gone down, Myers adds owners still have the opportunity to make consistent income through leasing or cashing out at a good price. “We are here to go over all the options you have available to maximize your home’s true potential and explain how that affects your entire financial health and well-being.” Sophisticated Properties believes it is uniquely positioned to consult on all options. They specialize in helping owners lease their luxury homes and investment properties but have equal experience in real estate sales.

Myers has broad experience as a real estate broker, including dealing with high-end celebrity homes in Beverly Hills. Ford has an extensive background in property management.

Ford explains it all starts with an understanding of the client’s long-term goals and then they help design a plan to achieve those goals. He says, “Our combination of real estate broker and property management expertise makes us uniquely qualified to find the perfect lease or sale price for a client’s high end property and then formulate and carry out an effective marketing plan.”

Visit their website at for information on marketing, showings, screenings, lease execution and 1031 exchanges. Or give them a call at 720-504-4166.