Dentists: Left to right: Drs. David P. Micklin, Laura Watterson, Kha Nguyen, and Rick Martin, take the time to educate you about your dental care and make you part of the decision process while helping you feel at ease.

Friendly Staff: From left to right: Barb Ascherman, Brittany Petrilena, Lacey Colvin, Macy McKechnie, and Katie Shaw, treat their patients like family. They call it the Willow Creek Way, tailored to your individual needs with no pressure and no fear and no judgment.

Drs. David Micklin, Rick Martin, Kha Nguyen, and Laura Watterson have been providing incredible, personalized customer service to Glendale and Cherry Creek, Colorado, residents for many years. For over 10 years, their practice was located inside the Wells Fargo building in Glendale, and before that, in Cherry Creek North. They have been in their current space inside The Forum building in Glendale, for over 18 months.

Cherry Creek Dental Group starts seeing patients as early as 3-years-old and they have a current patient who turned 103 years of age. “We offer comprehensive dental care but it is your way so there is never any pressure,” said Lacey Colvin, Community Marketing Manager for Stanbrick Dental Services, which handles the business operations for Cherry Creek Dental Group. “We have folks that haven’t been to the dentist in 15 years and don’t want to be judged. There is no judging here. We treat you like family.”

From the moment you enter Cherry Creek Dental Group to the moment you leave, they do everything they can to ensure you feel comfortable, heard, and valued. Understanding your needs, concerns, and questions is always their top priority and they never rush you through a procedure or pressure you into making a decision.

Cherry Creek Dental Group knows their patients on a first name basis, and their team meets every morning to discuss upcoming appointments in depth. They take time getting to know all about you, your lifestyle, your health history, and any fears you may have surrounding dental care. Your comfort is the number one concern.

They also are part of a wider network that includes three other practices, each with a different name. They are located

Lots Of Space: The Glendale office features state-of-the-art equipment and a beautiful view of the Village of Glendale.

in Lakewood, Lone Tree, and Highlands Ranch. That allows for an interchangeable team of doctors and staff. “We have a wide network and a big team that we can all be resources to one another which is really nice,” said Colvin. “If one of our doctors gets sick, another doctor can come over here for a couple of weeks if need be.” “We have a really good team of people,” said Brittany Petrilena, Practice Manager for Cherry Creek Dental Group. “We have 130 team members in the company and Dr. Blakeley [founder] knows the name of each of them.”

That community and family feel is what makes Cherry Creek Dental Group so successful. And it is a big reason they joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “We want to be part of the community and we want people to know who we are,” said Colvin. “Joining the chamber was a really great opportunity for us to get back in the community. “We wanted to meet other business professionals in the area said Petrilena. “We have met some really great people and made good connections. Actually, one of our patients attended the Bourbon & Beer event.”

Cherry Creek Dental Group is located in The Forum building at 425 South Cherry Street, Suite 700, in Glendale. Their hours are Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for more information.