New Manager: Kyla McGrath joined Workshops as the new property manager on July 5.

Workshops, a four-story building with 179 units that range in size from 56 to 600 square feet, hired Kyla McGrath to become the new property manager. McGrath joined the Workshops on July 5, 2021, after replacing her sister-in-law, Tamara Butner-Failla.

“Tamara set me up for success between contacts and vendors as well as teaching me about the property,” said Kyla McGrath, Property Manager at Workshops. “It was a really great opportunity.” Butner-Failla had planted all of the seeds for the Chamber event held at Workshops in July and McGrath executed it. She looks forward to putting her own stamp on next year’s event.

“I’m looking forward to the next Chamber event at Workshops and see what I can add to the event to make it that much more fabulous,” said McGrath. “Next year, I’m looking to add more in the way of food and music.”

McGrath has a medical supplies sales background. She also worked in pharmacies and hotel management for three years. This is a welcome career shift for her. “It’s interesting every day,” said McGrath. “No day is truly the same. Whether it’s working with the artists or working with jewelry fabricators to lawyers, the Workshops is a very collective blend of business owners and artists. You can do everything from getting a tattoo to eyelashes to purchasing a home or car to any legal help that you may need as well.”

Workshops is owned by Michael Opatowski and managed by Elkco Properties. Workshops is a collection of studios, small offices, shops and services. On the ground floor are storefronts for walkup retail and services. The second floor is home to studio space for artists and crafts persons. The third and fourth floors house professional offices and suites. The Workshops share amenities such as a courtyard, conference rooms, kitchens, and a lounge.

Workshops is all-inclusive, meaning it includes utilities and wi-fi. “Most tenants are shocked by that,” said McGrath. “It offers a little bit of everything to the community. That is one of my goals, to have this building offer so many different services to the Glendale area.” McGrath is the only employee at Workshops which keeps her busy. “I am one person managing 179 units and that is what keeps me busy,” said McGrath. “I’m here to support them in any way possible.”

McGrath lives in Aurora with her husband Van and their two children, Nicholas and Ella. Even though she lives 20 minutes away, McGrath finds herself coming to Glendale on the weekends. “I will come 20 minutes out of my way to be in the Glendale area because of how welcoming and customer service oriented that this area is,” said McGrath. “Truly everyone, I feel, has a heart for what they’re doing.”

McGrath leased seven units in the last month but at time of press, Workshops has a 336 square foot unit available for $1,000 per month. Call today for current space availability at 303-758-1900, and to come and see what Workshops space is right for you.

“I am very proud and happy to be in Glendale, and I welcome anyone who has any interest in commercial space, even if it doesn’t seem possible. You never know. Come in and check with me and we can see if we can work something out.”

Workshops is located at 4340 E. Kentucky Ave. in Glendale. For more information, visit