Concierge: Dave Trachtenberg is the only person registered with the state of Colorado that can be called a financial planning concierge.

Dave Trachtenberg is the only person registered with the state of Colorado that can be called a financial planning concierge.  Trachtenberg takes that term and runs with it offering a smattering of options for his clients including core products such as life insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance. 

Trachtenberg is truly independent and that gives him a distinct advantage of putting his clients first.  “The whole concierge concept and being independent is to be able to go without bias to find what’s best for the interest of the client to help them going forward,” said Trachtenberg.  “I am full service, independent and not tied to any one provider.” 

Trachtenberg is also an appointed broker of Wealth Strategies Group, a Denver based firm for 30 years.  That gives him the full resources of the firm which can offer other services not offered by Trachtenberg.  Again, it is always about the client for Trachtenberg. 

“I find most financial planners are either selling a product in insurance or investments and that’s it,” said Trachtenberg.  “They don’t look at in depth at what is going on in their client’s world and how it is affecting them.  I’m there every step in the way.”

The first step in this journey is a free consultation of someone who is looking to organize their financial life.  In other words, the potential client is one that wants to put their financial house in order.  “We want someone who is motivated and will follow through and we can identify them in the first meeting or two whether it is going to be a fit or not,” said Trachtenberg. 

After those initial meetings, on the average, it takes two to three more meetings to get everything in order for his clients.  “We develop a bond and it is an ongoing relationship,” said Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg is coming on 12 years of experience as a financial planner.  13 years ago, he sold the business he had for 22 years and wanted something he could do for the rest of his life.  “I then wanted to proceed with something that I could do the rest of my life if I chose,” said Trachtenberg.  “I also wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and not just be a salesperson.”

Trachtenberg has been a member of the Chamber for eight years.  “You do need to meet people and develop relationships,” said Trachtenberg.  “The Chamber has provided that for me.”

To take advantage of Dave Trachtenberg’s full service and wide range of services, call 303-332-4459 or email for a free consultation.