Guest Bartender David Peterson Attracts Big
Crowd To The Denver Press Club

For one night only Bull & Bush owner David Peterson got behind a different bar to raise money for Children’s Hospital and entertain a large group of patrons at the Denver Press Club. Clad in disco ball pants, a paisley shirt and orange Converse shoes, Peterson poured drinks for everyone who came to hang out with friends, enjoy a few libations and take a tour of the oldest press club in the United States.

“This was a really great event because I had never been to Press Club before and had no idea that people who aren’t part of the press can be members,” noted guest Kari Reynolds. “With so many events going on in Denver it’s nice to go to a new venue that is unlike any other I’ve seen.”

In addition to shaking up martinis and pouring a large number of Old Fashions, Peterson conducted a raffle for all the big tippers. Prizes included Bull & Bush gift cards, pint glasses and shot glasses. While this was his first gig as a guest bartender at the Press Club, Peterson says he would do it again anytime.

“I’ve been a Children’s Hospital volunteer for 18 years so I’m always looking for creative new ways to raise money,” he explained. “I hadn’t been behind the bar in years so it was fun to do it for so many familiar faces.

In addition to his volunteer work with Children’s Hospital, Peterson is also a Glendale Chamber of Commerce Board Member and is active with the Glendale YMCA. While his outfit was entertaining in and of itself, the most exciting surprise of the evening was when Peterson announced that he and his wife Lisa are expecting a baby in September.

“We are really excited about our upcoming arrival – it’s going to be quite an adventure,” Peterson added.

To learn more about the club visit or call 303-571-5260. For more information on guest bartending at the Denver Press Club contact Laura Lieff at or 720-244-4810.