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Debi Bush

Making Life Less Stressful At Work

by Debi Bush, CMIT Solutions of Denver and Glendale Ambassador

Some of my Glendale Chamber Ambassador peers have written about treating work (and probably life) as a marathon [Coach Bob] and getting things done [Casey]. Thanks for your inspirational articles. I would like to bring these two topics together to by talking about my business, CMIT Solutions of Denver.

CMIT is the technology partner for small and medium-sized businesses in the Denver metro area. Basically, we are the outsourced IT team for businesses without internal IT staff as well as larger businesses that have internal IT resources. By leveraging CMIT’s local and national resources, partners and brain trust, our clients are able to focus on growing and nurturing their business because they don’t lose valuable time worrying about computer and network headaches. We take care of that for them in a proactive and preventative manner.

My husband, Phil, and I have grown our business over the past eight years by treating it like a marathon and by learning how to be more productive (i.e. get things done) in working as a team. In fact, our proactive maintenance program is branded as “CMIT Marathon” because like when preparing for a marathon you go through certain processes and a prescribed training schedule to increase the odds of making it to the finish line. We want our clients to get the most life out of their hardware and technology systems in order to have a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and pass the finish line standing up! Over and over again, we see the stress levels of owners, decision makers and staff at large decrease once we have implemented our Marathon program and stabilized their environment.

Another de-stresser for our clients is when we meet with them regularly to share data on the health of their IT and to present a technology roadmap. This allows them to budget appropriately for the upcoming one to three years. Changes happen in different industries and couple that with developments in software and technology, these discussions must happen. It’s just another aspect of keeping one’s strategic business plan current and applicable.

The Glendale Chamber is another example of being strategic. If it wasn’t it would not experience continual growth in its membership and standing in the local community.

For more information on CMIT Solutions contact Debi Bush directly at 303-756-2648 or dbush@cmitsolutions.com or visit www.cmitdenver.com.

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