Ku Cha Tea Showcasing World’s Best Teas With Cold Brewed Iced Tea 

Summertime is iced tea time and the folks at Ku Cha House of Tea say it’s time to save the beverage from itself. 

Co-founder Rong Pan points out, “Iced tea is not traditional across Asia. Most people sip hot tea.” She goes on to explain, “Americans first popularized iced tea and we are grateful. Good iced tea is a revelation. But the key word here is ‘good’.” 

Pan says most iced tea is the beverage equivalent of bargain-basement boxed wine: sweet, dull and the product of scraps. Nearly all of it is made from the lowest quality tea, sometimes literally dust from the floors of tea production facilities. But she assures tea lovers, “It doesn’t have to be that way!” In fact, she says, tea from the Camillia Sinensis plant offers more styles than wine grapes, including classic oolongs and puerhs from China, senchas from Japan and black teas from Sri Lanka and India. With herbal teas, the range of iced tea possibilities expands exponentially.  

Pan says Ku Cha House of Tea, the Rocky Mountain West’s leading tea purveyor, has spent more than a decade cold-brewing artisan teas into beverages worthy of summer’s pleasures. Now, Ku Cha offers a starter kit to acquaint people with some of its favorite iced teas. The kit includes directions for brewing a proper pot of iced tea and six teas that provide tea sippers a wide variety of unique iced tea flavors and aromas. The teas reflect styles from across Asia and Northern Africa including both straight teas and blends. Pong adds, “Each of the teas finds deep roots in culture and it is truly artisanal, coming from small, devoted tea farmers whose lives revolve around producing high quality tea.”  

The starter kit has something for everyone looking for the perfect iced tea. Pan says their Summer Tranquility Tea, the least oxidized of all traditional Chinese teas is a great go-to tea all summer. Jasmine Oolong Tea combines lightly oxidized green oolong tea leaves with Jasmine flowers. Pan explains, “The best versions, like our jasmine oolong, require evening harvests of potent jasmine blossoms which tea artisans combine with harvested green tea. This is China’s finest flavored tea and something we sip hot and cold across the year.” Other tea samples are Organic Sencha which Pan says has a “lovely flavor” for iced tea and Organic Ku Cha Imperial which is great for a picnic or all-day enjoyment. Rounding out the samples are Organic Moroccan Mint and Golden Monkey, which Pan describes as a “spectacular black tea from China’s Fujian Province. 

For more information you can visit Ku Cha House of Tea at 2445 E. 3rd Avenue #1 in Denver or online at kuchatea.com.