Gordon Stover, RE/MAX

With the limited number of homes on the current U.S. market, you need an agent with the right connections, technology, and strategies to achieve your home buying or selling vision. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed and want someone to take the wheel, or you just need a second opinion and you have it covered, you can rest assured a RE/MAX agent is the right agent for any level of service, in any market condition.

One of those RE/MAX professionals is new Chamber member Gordon Stover. Stover specializes in giving both sellers and buyers extraordinary personal service in the area of real estate. He has an in-depth, diverse, and wide range of expertise within his team to aid you in your home acquisition or selling needs. His client base is built on reputation and professionalism through referrals, however, he always welcomes new clients.

Stover spent 20+ years in the medical equipment sales field before embarking on a real estate career in 2001. After having a license since 1988, he decided to start a business with his then-wife. They were known as the “spouses who sell houses.”

Stover is experienced with how this industry ticks. “Service and experience are a big deal,” says Gordon Stover, RE/MAX Professionals agent. “The Denver market has been wild for the last four or five years but incredibly so in the last three or four years. We see new brokers come in and they are lost. They don’t have any clue, as far as how to get their clients’ best interests pushed forward and get the deal done.”

The approach according to Stover is a more holistic one. “It really takes someone who takes a strategic look at the whole marketplace,” said Stover. “How are we going to make that come true? I look at it all like a project. It’s not transactional, it’s not just selling or buying a house. It’s how are we going to make this work out for what you have mind?”

And Stover and his team are mostly referral based. “We are 92% referral based,” notes Stover. “Most real estate agents are transactional where they only deal with their clients when they are buying or selling. We actually have relationships with our clients, present and past, and foster those and keep them going. It all revolves around their family and real estate needs. Even though you may not ever buy or sell something from me, if you have a referral for me, there we go. And that’s how we build the business from that perspective.”

There are approximately 4,200 listings in the Denver Metro area currently. Just a few short years ago, there were as many as 23,000. “Increasing interest rates hurt the little guy,” states Stover. “The person that is trying to get into their first home. The average price of a starter home, three bedroom, and two bathroom house in Denver is just under $600,000.”

For more information on Gordon Stover, visit www.remax.com/real-estate-agents/gordon-stover-lakewood-co/100018799 or call 303-324-2074.