Amy Bryan

Medical Bill Maven is a business started by Amy Bryan in January 2022 to help people navigate through their mounting medical bills. “It is very confusing,” said Amy Bryan, owner of Medical Bill Maven. “One day you are perfectly healthy and the next day you have a hundred bills coming your way and you don’t know what they are. I would always drive to work and say to myself that somebody needs to help these people understand what their bills are and basically be their interpreter for the medical bills.”

Are you avoiding paying your medical bills because you don’t understand them? Don’t procrastinate any longer. Medical Bill Maven is health insurance literate and can help you understand your expenses and how to address them.

Medical bills are intimidating, difficult to understand, and time consuming. Medical Bill Maven has the expertise and knowledge to decipher them and explain your next steps to resolve them in a timely fashion to help avoid any further negative impact to you.

“I want to help people who are overwhelmed navigate through that anxiety and that fear and decipher their bills for them so they don’t need to be frustrated and overwhelmed by it,” said Bryan. After an initial consultation, if you elect to have Medical Bill Maven assist, the cost is $125 per hour. If there is a major discrepancy in your billed amount, they will invoice you 15% of the amount of money collected. If there is no money collected, you will not be invoiced beyond the hourly rate.

This price is well worth not having to deal with the headache of attempting to figure out what the bills are for and how much your insurance covers. Simply hand them over to Medical Bill Maven who has over 20 years of experience in medical billing and coding. Let their expertise help you navigate your health insurance expenses and make sure any potential treatments are covered to avoid any unexpected medical costs.

“I have worked in both hospital and physician billing departments and have a clear understanding of how medical claims are billed and processed by the insurance carrier,” said Bryan. “This knowledge gives me the ability to identify when so

mething is incorrect. My expertise is in insurance denials and working with insurance carriers to ensure they pay for services rendered.”

Medical Bill Maven will provide you with detailed documentation with all communications with your insurance carrier and provider billing departments on a regular basis to keep you informed of what work is being done on your bills and how you need to be involved. By reviewing your bills in detail and identifying potential errors in a timely fashion, they will help you avoid being sent to collections and avoid additional fees.

Bryan is also anxious to kickstart her membership with the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “The chamber is awesome,” said Bryan. “I think this is a great opportunity to reach out to a lot of people. The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle in general is a great paper that reaches out to the community and there is a lot in there and I think the Glendale Chamber really works on bringing people in to be aware of what’s going on right around them that most people glance right over.”

For more information or to schedule a consultation with Medical Bill Maven call 303-919-7344 or visit