Tyler Himmelman, a Colorado native and graduate of Colorado State University, knew he wanted to start his own business after graduating. When he came across i9 Sports, he felt it was a good match and started with i9 Sports on January 17, 2019.

One of the first orders of business for Himmelman was to join the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “The reason I joined the Chamber is because I get a lot from my parents,” said Tyler Himmelman, franchise owner of i9 Sports. “My dad has always been involved with chambers.”

With over 2 million registrations in communities across the country, i9 Sports offers youth sports leagues, camps and clinics for boys and girls ages three and up in today’s most popular sports such as flag football, soccer, basketball, baseball and ZIP Lacrosse. To achieve their mission of helping kids succeed in life through sports, i9 Sports provides a youth sports experience unlike any other, teaching the importance of good sportsmanship on the field and in life. i9 Sports is committed to providing age-appropriate instruction that is fun for kids and convenient for today’s busy families.

In the programs, no child will ever be excluded by a tryout, be made to feel like they aren’t good enough by a league draft, ride the bench for an entire game, or be cut from a team. They keep score, but they have created a fun way to help kids develop athletic ability, a love of team sports, and an understanding that how you play a game is as important as the score. i9 Sports doesn’t just help kids become better athletes, they help them become better people.

i9 Sports recognizes that a three-year-old learns differently from a 14-year-old and they want both to learn and have fun doing it. Let i9 Sports show you the difference the i9 Sports Experience makes and how they tailor their instruction by age group.

“I know what I’m doing and I love what I do and can’t wait for the first season to start up,” said Himmelman. i9 Sports has volunteer coaches and referees are hired. Himmelman focuses on having staff members encourage kids to have fun while still keeping score and allowing for winners and losers.

For more information, visit www.i9 sports.com or contact Tyler Himmelman directly at tylerhimmelman1993@gmail .com. Mention this article to receive $10 off your registration or use the code Chronicle on the website to receive $10 off.

Young Entrepreneur: Tyler Himmelman bought into the i9 Sports franchise and started it in January 2019.