Senior Problem Solver: Stuart Shwartz is referred to as The Seniors Problem Solver. He loves putting smiles on his clients’ faces.

Stuart Shwartz has a 25-year career as a commercial real estate agent but that wasn’t a passion of his. He was fortunate enough to have his grandparents in his life until he turned 32 years of age. He is passionate about helping seniors with anything they need from Medicaid to Long Term Care insurance to Home Care.

Shwartz owns the business with his faithful 10-year-old dog Hershey. Shwartz jokes that Hershey yells at him when he gets home every night making sure he made money that day.

Shwartz has a nice feature of hand delivering documents to wherever they need to go. He doesn’t believe in faxing or scanning as they can be lost. He also has three free consultations with potential clients to make sure it is a good fit before they utilize his services.

Shwartz joined the Chamber last month as a way to get his name out there more. “I thought it would be nice to join a chamber like this, said Shwartz. “I am looking for different ways to market myself.”

Next Step For Seniors is a very caring, passionate company that is dedicated to helping solve seniors’ problems. Shwartz helps seniors navigate the various systems and recommend the proper resources to maintain their quality of life.

“I feel very lucky because I enjoy what I do so much and it is not a job,” said Shwartz. “I love what I do. I want to make sure they [my clients] are taken care of and they are getting the benefits that they deserve and that they are being listened to and heard and understood and having someone help them.”

As The Seniors Problem Solver, Shwartz solves such problems as:

• Difficulties with navigating the healthcare system.

• Issues with or changes to a Home Care company.

• Obstacles relating to the Medicaid application process.

• Difficulty locating local Medicaid approved providers.

• Not aware of other government benefits.

• Trouble with qualifying for Medicaid when over income or asset threshold.

• Unsafe issues in the home which make aging in place less viable.

• Dealing with the changes that inevitably happen after being discharged from a facility.

• Veterans who don’t know what benefits are available to them.

Next Step for Seniors gets to the root cause of his clients’ problems and develops potential solutions to rectify the situation. They then implement the solutions and keep working until they deliver the positive outcome. Shwartz is also proactive, not just reactive, by dealing with potential issues before they become problems; thus saving his client any additional stress and hassle.

“When I was having issues with a home care company Stuart stepped in and found another company quickly,” said Ruth L. “He was professional and caring to all of my needs.”

Next Step for Seniors is located at 1454 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver, CO 80222. For more information, visit or call 303-888-4575.