Experienced: Don Ferguson founded Interconnected Technologies 20 years ago after a career with IBM.

IT: Interconnected Technologies provides comprehensive technology services to small businesses and residences.

Interconnected Technologies LLC was founded by Don Ferguson 20 years ago after a storied career with IBM. Ferguson was one of the people in charge of IBM’s Year 2000 project which was the largest project IBM has ever done. So, in 2022, Ferguson founded Interconnected Technologies as he recognized a gap in businesses’ technology practices. He went from having a large team working for him and unlimited resources, to just him.

Interconnected Technologies LLC provides comprehensive technology services to small businesses and residences. The needs of businesses with 30 or fewer computer users are similar to those of larger businesses, but delivering those services in a cost effective way requires a dramatically different skill set — one in which Interconnected Technologies specializes. “Small businesses don’t get good support,” says Ferguson. “They can’t afford the big guys, they can’t do it themselves because they’re too busy running their business.”

Ferguson talks about how some small businesses operate. Often times, the youngest person in the office becomes the default IT person. Ferguson and Interconnected Technologies sets out to bridge that gap. They in essence, become a company’s IT department. “We want our motivation to be fix the problem and do it correctly and in a way that will last,” said Ferguson. “Not do it quickly so we minimize what we have to pay technicians.”

Interconnected Technologies has developed best practices for the strategic selection and acquisition of technology to solve business problems or add business value, and the installation and support of that technology. Key areas of focus are ensuring stable, well-balanced computers, robust networks, state of the art security, flawless backups, powerful email, and convenient access to corporate information from anywhere, using the appropriate tool for the situation: computer, tablet, smartphone, “cloud.”

Of particular note these days is “The Cloud.” Cloud-based services are everywhere. Interconnected Technologies has been helping its clients select and use cloud-based services since the beginning and has the experience and skill to aid clients in the complex task of selecting and implementing secure, cost-effective services based on business need.

While much of their work is done at the client site, they also employ state of the art secure remote support tools which allow them to resolve problems quickly for their clients, on the phone, over the internet — wherever they are.

Interconnected Technologies believes you have better, more important things to do with your time than managing technology. It’s what they do every day and they love doing it, and they have the skill and experience to do it very, very well. And that skill and experience has built a customer base of over 195 clients based mainly on referrals. “Our business is trust based on that we have to have what we refer to as a transference of trust,” said Ferguson. “All of our growth has been that way.”

Interconnected Technologies clients engage them to perform a variety of services. If you’re reading this it may just be that you need help with some aspect of information technology — computers, software, networks, cloud computing, mobile devices, etc. Most Interconnected Technologies clients come to them because something is broken. All of their clients stay because the end result of working with them is a smoothly functioning IT infrastructure that fades into the background, allowing people to be more productive in getting their work done, rather than constantly battling the technology.

On top of staying busy with this business, which now has another business partner and two part time technicians, Ferguson joined the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “It seemed like the Glendale Chamber was what I thought chambers of commerce were supposed to be,” said Ferguson. “Which is a collaboration of members for each other’s benefit. That seems the reason you would want something like that.”

Visit www.interconnected.com for more information. To learn more, call 303-679-7345.