Owners: Jatin Padhiar (JPAD), left, and Hirpal Padhiar started JPAD Discount Liquors in 2005 and have built up a great clientele of people in the community. They are pictured with Jatin’s son, Sahaj Padhiar (back).

Kosher: Every bottle of wine, liquor, or beer will have a stamp such as this one on the back to confirm it is Kosher.

Grapevine Wine & Liquors on South Monaco was the unofficial HUB of Kosher beer, wine, and liquor for close to 35 years. When they closed recently, JPAD Discount Liquors on South Holly Street saw an opportunity to capture that market. JPAD Liquors opened in September 2005, and has always carried some Kosher products. “We have always carried Kosher wine,” said Hirpal Padhiar, owner of JPAD Discount Liquors. “But there has been a level and intensity of bringing in more wine and spirits in a one-month span.”

“When we heard they [Grapevine Wine & Liquors] were closing the store down, HP and I said this is a great opportunity for us to capture that market,” said Jatin Padhiar, owner of JPAD Discount Liquors. “In order to do this, we have to go through many different vendors and we are still working on it. We are still getting Kosher and Passover products in.”

When the Jewish community visits JPAD Liquors, they offer suggestions on what the liquor store should carry and what they would purchase. JPAD Liquors is always accommodating, but at the same time, remaining calculated on how much product to bring in. “Customers are reaching out to different companies that I do not know, said Padhiar. “We want to have the variety. I am willing to have my store filled with more Kosher wine.”

You may ask what makes wine Kosher? Simply put, a kosher wine must be made according to Jewish dietary laws and under supervision of a rabbi. Any added ingredients — such as yeast or fining agents, if used — must be certified kosher. There is actually a label on the back of each product to certify that it is Kosher.

“We are seeing the traffic and what we have brought into our inventory has been going,” said HP. “We have the distributors who can provide these specific lines. We are not just here to say we have your wine. We want to be respectful to the community and make sure they know we are going to give them a well-priced bottle of wine or spirits. We are not gouging because we have it. We want to make sure you are happy coming in and knowing that you are getting a really good deal. And on top of that, if you buy in bulk, we will give you an additional discount.”

The specific discount is 10% off when you buy three bottles of wine, 15% off when you buy five bottles, and 20% off if you buy a case. “The trend I have seen with the community, they love this,” said Jatin Padhiar. “They end up getting an extra bottle to take advantage of the discount. We try to stay very competitive to outside pricing.

Where JPAD Discount Liquors shines is the customer service and the fact that they know everyone in the community. “We have a great clientele,” said Jatin Padhiar. “Our community has grown. I love this location. I know everybody.”

If you walk into JPAD Liquors on South Holly Street, you are immediately welcomed by the owners, Jatin and Hirpal Padhiar. From then on, they will remember you and treat you like family. That’s a rare thing in the liquor store business and JPAD prides himself on operating a family-owned business.

JPAD Discount Liquors is open Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are located at 560 S. Holly Street, #4, in Denver.