A Combination Of Internet And Voice Solutions Allows Mailbox Express To Provide The Steady Services Its Clients Depend On

Comcast Business announced that it is providing Mailbox Express with technol­ogy solutions — including Comcast Business Internet with Connection Pro, Voice Mobility, and Comcast Business Security­Edge — that help the small business provide quality customer service as well as re­liable internet access to customers who visit the location.

Lorraine Hall, owner of Mailbox Express, bought the company in 2020 with the goal of providing packing, shipping, printing, and business service needs to the residents and businesses of Thornton, Colorado. With only one other part-time contractor to help when the business gets particularly busy, Mailbox Express operates primarily as a one-woman business. Customers come to the Colorado-based storefront for myriad services, including but not limited to shipping and receiving packages, renting a P.O. Box, renting computers, scanning documents, and printing brochures.

Because Hall took over Mailbox Express during the height of the pandemic, she was challenged to create awareness for her new business among a community that was not initially able to visit her storefront when it first opened. Thanks to the support provided by the Comcast RISE program, Hall successfully created a television advertisement that educated potential customers on her new ownership of Mailbox Express and the various services that the company offers.

While Mailbox Express’ relationship with Comcast Business started with Comcast RISE, Hall chose to stay with Comcast Business as a provider when her support from the program expired because she saw the quality of solutions and support she was receiving.

“My business is about so much more than shipping. Many of my customers are older and not familiar with the process of attaining and printing a shipping label, and some are younger customers who need help sending a fax. The services that I offer are possible thanks to the services that Comcast Business provides,” said Hall. “I once had a customer let me know that my computer system was more accessible than the public library. That is some seriously high praise, and a testament to the quality of Comcast Business’ technology solutions.”

The technology solutions provided by Comcast Business are tailored to suit Mai­lbox Express, which relies heavily on tech­nology to ensure support for Hall and her team member, as well as a quality customer experience. Because her business has access to data, implementing SecurityEdge™ solutions was critical to help protect her connected devices. And since there are only ever two employees operating the shipping facility, Voice Mobility has given Hall the flexibility to intercept Mailbox Express’ calls from anywhere. The addition of Connection Pro to Mailbox Express’ technology suite provides powerful 4G LTE backup, giving Hall confidence that she has help to maintain operations during unexpected network outages.

“We knew Mailbox Express was special when we worked with Lorraine throughout the Comcast RISE program,” said Robert Thompson, vice president of business services for Comcast’s Mountain West Region. “We are proud that she wanted to continue her relationship with our team, and that our technology solutions are supporting her, and as an extension, her customers with the variety of needs that they have.”

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