Learn the art of financial management with debit cards. Discover their benefits and smart strategies for budgeting.

Managing Your Finances:

How Debit Cards Can Help

From grabbing groceries to paying for gas, you make multiple purchases throughout your day. This can make it challenging to track spending for even the savviest budgeters. Debit cards serve as valuable tools for budget management. Below, we’ll explore how debit cards can play a pivotal role in helping you take charge of your finances, enabling you to make smarter, more secure, and more convenient financial choices.

How Do Debit Cards Work?

Debit cards are the backbone of modern financial transactions. They link directly to your checking or savings account, allowing you to spend money by drawing directly from your available balance. Unlike credit cards, which involve borrowing money to be paid back later, debit cards access your existing funds. When you make a purchase or withdraw cash, the amount is deducted from your account in real-time. This transparency and immediacy help you stay within your budget and provide a clearer picture of your financial health.

How To Manage Your Finances

With Westerra Debit Cards

Create A Budget

With Westerra debit cards, you can easily create a personalized budget that aligns with your financial goals. Our intuitive plat­form allows you to categorize your spend­ing, set spending limits for various expense categories, and track your expen­di­tures in real-time. Whether you’re saving for a vacation, managing daily expenses, or planning for the future, Westerra’s budgeting features provide you with the insight and control you need to make informed financial decisions.

Skip Interest Payments

When shopping with a credit card, some people may be tempted to overspend. This can lead to interest payments when you can’t pay your credit card balance in full. However, with debit cards, you’re spending your own money, not borrowed funds. This reduces the temptation to go beyond your budget and incur unnecessary debt.

With Westerra’s advanced account monitoring tools, you can set up alerts for your account. These alerts notify you of transac­tions that could overdraw your account, al­lowing you to cover them promptly, deny them, or adjust your spending. Still want to splurge? Westerra can set up overdraft from your savings account to cover any overdraft expenses. On the off chance you accidentally overspend, no worries. WeGotYa covered up to $200.

Get Paid Early

With Westerra, you can also enjoy the con­venience of getting paid up to two days earlier when you set up direct deposit. This means you have quicker access to your money, providing you with additional financial flexibility and control. Plus, our user-friendly mobile app and online banking platform make managing your finances even more accessible and convenient.

Earn Rewards When You Spend

Unlike typical debit cards, Westerra debit cards allow you to earn reward points when you spend. You can earn 1 reward point for every $3 you spend on purchases when you sign for them. These reward points can be re­deemed for a variety of options, including cash, gift cards, travel experiences, and merchandise, helping you save more of your hard-earned money.

Know Your Money Is Secure

At Westerra, we prioritize the security of your finances. We employ vigilant measures to protect your money, including the ability to flag and investigate suspicious transactions. If necessary, we can temporarily block your card to prevent unauthorized use.

For added control and security, the CardNav app empowers you to manage your debit card with ease. You can instantly activate or deactivate your card, set location boundaries for usage, restrict specific merchant types, establish spending limits, and receive real-time transaction alerts. Download the CardNav app from your app store, set up your account, and take charge of your financial security, knowing that Westerra has your back.

Your Partner In Financial Management

Westerra is more than just a credit union; we’re your dedicated partner in financial management. From their budgeting tools to the convenience of early direct deposits, their debit cards are designed to empower you on your financial journey.

For more information, visit www.westerracu.com.