Ralph Destito

Insperity (deriving from a combination of Inspiration and Prosperity) is a national human resources provider, or Professional Employer Organization (PEO), which partners with small to medium sized businesses through co-employment. A PEO functions as a human resources department for small and medium sized businesses. PEOs offer services such as payroll processing, em­ployer related tax filings, employee ben­efits management and claims resolution. In fact, Insperity is one of the few PEOs that is certified by the IRS. Insperity takes on the responsibility on what is filed with the IRS is correct, not the company.

Through an optimal blend of technology and exceptional service at every turn, Insperity’s co-employment solutions provide re­cruiting and outplacement support, employment administration and payroll, benefits plan sponsorship, training and de­velopment, performance management sup­port, em­ployer liability management and HR-related compliance support.

Insperity’s most comprehensive ­human re­source service offerings, provided through the Insperity Workforce Optimization and Work­force Synchronization co-employment solutions, deliver administrative relief, better benefit solutions, re­duced liabilities, and a systematic way to improve productivity.

For companies that require a less com­pre­­­hensive suite of services and are ­com­­fortable retaining more employer-related risks, Insperity’s Workforce Acceleration and Workforce Administration solutions may be the right fit. Both of these tra­ditional employment solutions combine Insperity’s unparalleled customer service with state-of-the-art tech­nology and resources in a single plat­­form.

Additional strategic offerings are available — empowering companies to add the specific solutions that meet their current needs and scale to meet future ones. Insperity’s target market is represented by business­es with 5-5,000 employees — organizations that have a growth mindset and aspire to continuously improve their operations and their bottom line. They understand that it is the people who drive their success, and that when businesses succeed, communities prosper.

Insperity’s targeted businesses offer pro­fessional, skilled, knowledge-based ­services that fall within industries such as tech­nol­ogy, engineering/architecture, real estate, ac­counting, medical, financial, legal, advertising, insurance, and light manufacturing, among others. Insperity serves thousands of businesses in communities nationwide. The company has more than 4,000 corporate employees and was founded in April 1986. It went public on the New York Stock Exchange in 1997.

Insperity has a long history of improving the success equation of small and midsize businesses across the country — because when businesses succeed, communities prosper. And in today’s changing business environment, it’s our privilege to take care of an organization’s most valuable asset: its people. “There are a lot of different things that make a business successful,” said Ralph Destito, Business Performance Advisor for Insperity. “But the most important thing is making sure you are taking care of your people.”

Insperity’s mission and values are the foundation of a company culture that encourages a commitment to excellence and a heart for service. “The company’s mission statement is to help businesses succeed so communities will prosper,” said Destito. “That is easy to say but hard to do. After I have gotten involved in the business, it is there and very solid.” Insperity encourages their employees to get involved and make a difference in the lives of others through volunteerism and community leadership.

Destito joined Insperity’s team in May, 2023, and one of the first decisions he made was to join the Greater Glendale Cham­ber of Commerce. “I value personal re­lationships, said Destito. “The Glendale Chamber was good to me the last time [when Destito worked at another company] and it will be good to me this time. The Glendale Chamber of Commerce has become a vehicle for me to have contact with business owners that I could end up showing off what Insperity does.”

With 2022 revenues of $5.9 Billion and more than 90 offices throughout the United States, Insperity is currently making a difference in thousands of businesses and communities nationwide. More information can be found by visiting www.insperity.com/bpa/Ralph.Destito.