Dedicated Team: New Century Hospice – Denver currently operates at a 12 patients for each nurse ratio. The dedicated professionals pictured are ready to answer any questions

New Century Hospice – Denver opened last March and has made an immediate impact. “We run our branches like a small community branch,” said Tracey Cannon, Director of Operations for New Century Hospice – Denver. “We’re neighborhood oriented.”

Beyond having a neighborhood feel, they also have one of the lowest patient to nurse ratios. Currently, they are operating at a 12 patients for each nurse ratio and most hospices are 20 patients to each nurse. “We have a lot more time with our patients and we have a lot more time with the family,” said Cannon.

“One of the frustrations with Hospice is that people wait so long and there is only so much we can do,” said Cannon. “It’s always sad for us when we get involved with a patient so late in the game. People think hospice means that I’m dying right now and it doesn’t.”

New Century Hospice – Denver covers most of Denver, Lakewood, and Aurora. But it is the Chronicle that awakened Cannon to join the Glendale Chamber in November 2018. “I received the newspaper in the mail and didn’t know that Glendale had a chamber,” said Cannon. “I have already met some connections. The Chamber gives me the chance to make connections with people that can help our patients.”

New Century Hospice – Denver provides comfort, compassion, dignity, and peace through hospice care provided within the communities they serve. Hospice provides families the opportunity to enjoy meaningful time together by educating caregivers and making the patient as comfortable as possible.

New Century Hospice works with local healthcare providers to develop a personalized hospice care plan that delivers the superior service that patients and their families deserve. Their team of experienced hospice professionals (pictured) will implement a holistic approach to the physical, spiritual, and emotional care patients have come to expect and appreciate.

New Century Hospice – Denver has developed and partnered with a robust network of local community resources specifically arranged to provide comfort, reduce anxiety, and facilitate quality time between patients and their loved ones.

New Century Hospice understands the challenges patients and families face when considering next steps in healthcare, particularly hospice care. Their commitment to patients is to ensure every person’s specific needs are identified and addressed from the first conversation. They vow to continue listening as part of an ongoing effort to understand their patients personally during their entire duration of care.

Start a conversation today with one of their representatives by calling 303-753-2329. New Century Hospice – Denver is located just outside of Glendale at 3801 E. Florida Ave., Suite 640, Denver, CO 80210. Visit for more information.