Quick! Name your favorite song! What song reminds you of high school? What was your song of the summer? How is your relationship with your favorite musician? Wait….what? The music industry is one that is greatly impacted by consumer trends and emerging technology. In fact, how artists interact with their fan base in order to monetize their music is an ongoing challenge.

UC DenverOn the cutting edge of this challenge is Glendale’s own Storm Gloor an Associate Professor in the Department of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies at CU Denver. According to Gloor, “There’s an extraordinary transformation in the way musicians do business.” Social media, YouTube, and blogs have to grab consumers attention and have become commonplace to the marketing and distribution of music.

Getting consumer buy-in is imperative and takes many forms. “You have to build a relationship with the consumer.” Social media invites fans in, encourages them to agree to hear periodic communication and music samples and then keeps them informed about upcoming albums and appearances. Gloor continues, “What is so different today in music is that there are so many ways to build that relationship with the consumer and THEN sell them something.”

Abbey Road2Gloor is an in-demand speaker and self professed “music geek.” In addition to signed memorabilia and over 13,000 CD’s and thousands of vinyl records, Gloor has one piece of memorabilia especially close to his heart. A major Beatle fan, he proposed to his wife – where else – on Abbey Road!


You can often find Gloor listening to his vast music collection when he’s running along the Cherry Creek Trail. He’s also on the Glendale Planning Commission and the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Glendale Sports Center. “There’s on overall feeling of wellness in the area that I really relate to,” Gloor says.

Gloor is also a member of the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and is working with the Chamber to develop presentations for other members on how his research into the music industry can benefit their businesses. Stay tuned for more information!


Some source material provided by The Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle