New Office: Dr. Joseph Vear, True Form Chiropractic sits in his new office inside the Evans Medical Center. Dr. Vear is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in sports and pain management for teenagers to middle aged adults.

Dr. Joseph Vear, True Form Chiropractic, had a desire and vision to partner with his friend Lisa, who is a massage therapist. After kicking some ideas around, Dr. Vear was impressed with the office building that she moved into August 2020. The Evans Medical Building in the heart of Denver made sense for both as they have an affinity for the integrated practice. “We wanted to have all of the providers available to our clients,” said Dr. Vear. “Whether they need an M.D., a P.A., cosmetics, massage, or chiropractic, we wanted to create a one stop shop for our clients.”

“I went through my interview process with Ramin (owner of Evans Medical Center),” said Dr. Vear. “I was really impressed because he wasn’t so focused on just bringing in people to make money or to take space up. He was more concerned that I would be a good fit for the community they are trying to help in this clinic.” Dr. Vear moved his practice to the building the beginning of April 2021. He indicated business was slow in 2020, but clients are feeling more confident to get chiropractic care now.

Just as clients are starting to return, Chamber members are also beginning to attend more events for the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce. “I’ve been with the Chamber for five years and I really love everyone in the Chamber,” said Dr. Vear. “I appreciate everything the Chamber has done for my business. I look forward to being a lifetime member and I can’t speak highly enough about the Chamber. The Chamber is not just there to support your business. It’s to support you as a person. I think that is one aspect of the Glendale Chamber that other chambers don’t have.

True Form Chiropractic specializes in pain and sports chiropractic care for clients aged teenagers to senior adults. Offering a full range of services which complement chiropractic care, True Form offers cupping therapy, active release technique A.R.T., corrective exercises, functional fascia taping and healthy lifestyle coaching. Such ailments as injury, chronic conditions, discomfort during pregnancies or unexplained pain can cause the body and mind to lose vitality. Discomfort can keep you up at night or cause you to curtail the activities you love doing most. Staying on top of pain and the injuries that cause it keeps you in the active life you’ve always wanted.

Medical Staff: Ramin (far left) has assembled a team of medical professionals ranging from massage to chiropractic care including Dr. Joseph Vear (back row) from True Form Chiropractic.

Dr. Joseph Vear is a Doctor of Chiropractic who specializes in sports and pain management for teenagers to middle aged adults. He is committed to helping people in the Denver community live healthy and active lives. “I treat all of my clients as adults that are capable of making their own health decisions,” said Dr. Vear. “I recommend patients come to me before they are in pain. It always takes more treatments to resolve issues when you are in pain.” Dr. Vear uses dental hygiene as his example and how we brush our teeth every day to prevent cavities.

Dr. Joseph Vear was inspired to become a doctor in Chiropractic care after a sports injury caused him to go through extensive treatment with no conclusive results. After spending months treating the symptoms but not the injury with muscle relaxers, physical therapy and electrical stimulation, he was fed up with the constantly nagging pain. He was finally referred by a friend to a local chiropractor. Taking his chances, he walked through the door as a cripple and walked out as a new person.

Everyone’s chiropractic needs are unique. Taking the time to work with a qualified chiropractor like Dr. Vear can mean the difference between simply treating the symptoms and fixing the problem. Let Dr. Vear assess the issue and work to remedy it with centuries old practices and modern techniques. He will work with you to bring your life back into balance.

True Form Chiropractic is located in the Evans Medical Building at 4700 E. Iliff Avenue in Denver. For more information, visit or call 866-308-9749.