‘New Brand Mixer’ Event Held At The Green Mountain Location

Westerra Credit Union celebrated a new, more modern brand and Digital First strategy with a “New Brand Mixer” event on May 25, 2022, at its Green Mountain branch, located in Lakewood, Colo. Guests were treated to refreshments and giveaways, as well as an official unveiling of the new outdoor sign with Westerra’s updated logo. Among those who spok

Giveaways: Guests at Westerra Credit Union’s Brand Mixer were treated to refreshments and giveaways at the Green Mountain branch in Lakewood.

e were Jay Champion, President & CEO of Westerra; Charley Able, City Council Member; Scott Earl, CEO of Mountain West Credit Union Association; and Wade Paschall, Chief Marketing Officer of Westerra.
From Westerra’s redesigned, easy-to-use website to the upcoming launch of the new digital banking system and more, the credit union has been busy refreshing its brand and developing new tools to help members prosper, while continuing its commitment to the community.
“We are excited to celebrate these milestones with local leaders and businesses who have supported us so much through the years, Westerra’s executive team and board members,” said Jay Champion, President & CEO of Westerra Credit Union. “This is such an exciting time at Westerra and we could not think of a better way to celebrate than with all of the people who have supported our Digital First transformation.”

Westerra milestones include th

New Sign: The new outdoor sign featuring Westerra’s updated logo at the Green Mountain branch was unveiled at the Brand Mixer on May 22, 2022.

e elimination of all overdraft fees, as well as nearly all fees since the start of the pandemic. Instead of charging fees when members are having challenges making ends meet, Westerra is focused on providing tools to help

 members monitor accounts and more easily manage finances.

Westerra continually reinvests back into the organization to develop improved digital solutions and experiences, launching an online interface on its new website that enables people to open a spending account in just five minutes. The credit union also reduced the time to apply for a mortgage and added text messaging fraud alert technology. At the same time, the credit union remains committed to helping members personally in branches and by phone with a top-notch service experience.

Late last year, Westerra added new products focused on the environment and community with options to make energy efficient home improvements affordable, new mortgage products to help members take full advantage of the low interest rate environment, and new commercial loan products to serve more local businesses.
The credit union attributes its success and growth over the last 88 years to the trust its members have placed in Westerra. The focus on helping individuals and families learn how to manage their finances, and to save and borrow wisely, will continue at Westerra with the best “Digital First” tools available. That is why Westerra’s mission continues to be: We exist to teach one another to prosper.