Since 1987, 9Health Fair, which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has promoted health awareness and encouraged individuals to assume responsibility for their own health.  This spring, 9Health Fair will be coming to Glendale on April 18 from 7 a.m. to noon at the Glendale Sports Center located at 4500 E. Kentucky Avenue.

Because of the support of 19,000 statewide volunteers, 9Health Fair has helped save thousands of lives by providing free and low-cost screenings, education and health awareness. To date, 9Health Fair is the only program of its magnitude and that has become a community institution. Since its inception, 9Health Fair has impacted over 1.7 million individuals.

A testimonial from Terri Thomas of Loveland, Colorado:

“My mom and I went to the 2006 9Health Fair at Aims Community College in Greeley, Colorado. I hadn’t been feeling well so my sister-in-law urged me to go. We went on a Sunday and that Tuesday I got a call from a nurse who informed me that my thyroid level was less than .01 and that I needed to contact my doctor. I did so right away and had further tests run. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and through additional tests, learned that I was suffering from Graves’s disease. Had I not gone to the 9Health Fair, I believe I still would have been seeking help. I am feeling so much better and on the way to recovery. Thank you 9Health Fair staff and volunteers!”

9Health Fair Volunteers

Dental volunteers with a 9Health Fair visitor

Anyone 18 years and older can participate in a 9Health Fair. With over 25 screenings available, 9Health Fair results and an explanation on how to read the results are delivered directly to the participant within three to six weeks. If a critical health situation is revealed from a participant’s blood results, a team of 9Health Fair medical professional volunteers will contact participants within 72 hours. If needed, local follow up resources will be provided.

Boasting 150 sites in Colorado and over 85,000 yearly participants, 9Health Fair provides a low- cost way to access many necessary health services. 9Health Fair is always looking for volunteers including physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, students and seniors.

To Volunteer please click on 9Health Fair Volunteers or call 303-996-0989.

If you are interested in team building, community outreach or publicity, or if you are a medical professional, please email Pam Mayhew or call 303-996-2123.

To find a health fair in your area visit 9Health Fair online, call 303-698-4455, or use this handy QR Code.