Looking for a place to combine your love of acting, theatre and yoga? Say hello to Actasana Studios. Actasana Studios is a perfect place to join an acting class, learn communications skills or explore your dream to do standup comedy. Plus you can get in a great yoga workout as well! With classes, special events, and in-house theatre productions, Actasana Studios offers a one stop shop to explore your creative dreams and gain real world skills.

Founder Lea Marlene was born and raised in Colorado and graduated from CSU with a degree in journalism and a minor in theatre. She spent twelve years in Hollywood pursuing an acting career and doing standup comedy. During her time in Los Angeles, she earned her yoga teaching certificate and when she returned to Colorado she had a light bulb moment.

Why not combine her two passions and share it with people working to overcome their public speaking fears?


Marlene along with her partner, industry veteran David Lauer, opened Actasana Studios in the Glendale area and recently joined the Greater Glendale Chamber to network and get the Actasana name out there through the many monthly networking events.

The name Actasana is a combination of the words “act and “asana” which means pose. “As a performer I know first hand how much rejection actors have to deal with. Adding yoga into the mix can provide tools to combat negativity.”


Based on the famed Meisner acting Technique, Actasana classes provide the opportunity for clients to learn how to let go of their baggage and gain confidence.

At Actasana Studios you can tap into your fullest creative potential, learn a few tips on how to handle important presentations, relax and get in touch with your mind and spirit, or enjoy a theatre date night. Whatever you’re seeking can be found at Actasana Studios.

For more information about yoga and acting classes or to buy tickets for their upcoming production of Two for the Seesaw visit them on the web at