PerfectProcessingRGBChoosing a merchant services provider can sometimes feel like it raises more questions than solutions. Is it expensive? Can I trust that I’m receiving the services I was promised? Will equipment charges break the bank?

Perfect Processing, founded by Brian Cook in 2003 will put your mind to rest and treat you with respect, honesty and full disclosure. According to Cook, the credit card industry has at times earned a mixed reputation due to hidden fees, inflated rates, and virtually impossible to decipher statements.

Brian Cook and Debra O'Connor

Brian Cook & Debra O’Connor

Raised in a retail family, Cook felt there was a better way. Merchants like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Greater Glendale Chamber of Commerce agree since becoming clients of Perfect Processing with excellent results. In fact, Perfect Processing received the BBB’s 2012 Gold Star Award. “The BBB trusts us and [so] you know you can trust us too,” says Cook.

revenue up

Trust is the foundation of the Perfect Processing client experience. Monthly statements are easy to read with everything you need to reconcile with your bank. Equipment at cost plus 10%, US based tech support, and personalized service allow clients to seamlessly integrate internet, mobile apps, credit card transactions, e-checks, mail, and telephone orders.

Whether a company is brick and mortar, home based, or online Perfect Processing helps their clients reach maximum revenue from every transaction. For more information about how they can streamline your merchant services, contact Brian Cook or Executive Vice President Debra O’Connor at 303-229-7975 or  online at



some source material provided by the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle