Jultak_logoAccording to family legend, and by legend I mean Skip Jultak’s mother, he was conceived under a potting bench and raised in a floral delivery truck! We all have our funny family stories but this one is more true than you think. Meet Skip Jultak, master florist and owner of Michael Jultak Floral Design.


Skip grew up making deliveries, arranging flowers and sweeping up in his family’s floral shop. After high school graduation he attended culinary school in New York. He later returned to Denver where he worked for some of the cities most renowned restauranteurs including Leo Goto at the Wellshire Inn.

However, with a love for flowers in his blood he soon decided to commit to a design studio of his own which has been going strong ever since.

Jultak’s makes every design with thoughtful consideration in order to meet the high standards set by gift givers across the country.  The company offers everyday flowers to brighten your mood or elaborate arrangements with carefully selected flowers and blooms.

Arrangements include tropical designs created with some of the most lush and beautiful flowers from exotic locations around the world. These arrangements are true show stoppers meant to be conversation pieces at any office, event, home or restaurant.

According to Jultak, impromptu purchases of grocery store bouquets can brighten any day but to truly convey a personal message from giver to recipient your arrangements will benefit from the expert touch of professional florist.

Recently Jultak moved his business to a studio-based location. New technology and a phenomenal website makes ordering flowers and gifts easier than ever. Plus once you’ve had a chance to add a  gourmet fruit basket or goodies from some of Colorado’s most delicious chocolate, candy and confectioneries you won’t want to go anywhere else for custom designs.

Flower Delivery

Michael Jultak Floral Designs can create you a custom arrangement with spectacular fall blooms or a spooky Halloween arrangement that will make any day special.

For more information visit the website at http://www.jultakflowers.com/