Dr. Robert Rudman, Advanced Orthodontic Care

Advanced Orthodontic Care has been in business for 25 years. They started in Cherry Creek at 155 Cook Street and moved to Glendale in 2012. They built their office space in conjunction with fellow Chamber member, Children’s Dentistry of Cherry Creek which is next door.

Dr. Robert Rudman is the owner of Advanced Orthodontic Care and is highly respected in his field. He holds patents in the orthodontic world and has lectured all around the world on ortho, treatment excellence, mechanics, and technology. And, perhaps most importantly, he has glowing reviews from his patients. “Dr. Rudman is funny — his team is sharp and some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met,” said Dexter C. on Yelp. “He is competitively priced, his office is bar none one of the most fun places you will have the chance to go to in your life.”

Besides the fun atmosphere, Advanced Orthodontic Care is focused on delivering results to their patients. The most rewarding part of what they do is seeing their patients’ confidence once their straightened, healthy smile is complete.

Dr. Rudman utilizes technology to speed up treatment when possible, and they also acknowledge the value of your time by using our in-house lab to make teeth molds and certain accessories in-house. The latest technology that Advanced Orthodontic Care is trying is called InBrace, which sits behind the teeth which has smart wire technology in it where it needs very few adjustments and is efficient.

Today’s orthodontic patient expects treatment options beyond traditional wires and brackets. After assessing your needs, Dr. Rudman can determine which of the options are available to you. Orthodontic options available today include clear brackets, clear customized aligners, braces on the back of the teeth and traditional braces. “With a digital scan, we can show people what their teeth are going to look like when they’re done,” said Dr. Rudman, owner of Advanced Orthodontic Care.

These are advancements that have happened over the last quarter of a century. “In the last 25 years, orthodontics has come a long way,” explains Dr. Rudman. “Gone are the days of bulky and uncomfortable braces. Mostly everything has gone smaller, clearer, and more hidden. I think Invisalign is probably the biggest advance in the last 20 years where it is all digital treatment planning and the patient doesn’t have to be in the office as much. I think everything is driven toward aesthetics and getting good results in a much shorter amount of time. Back in the day, people would be in braces for 3 or 4 years and now the average time is 15-18 months. Technology has made things more efficient.”

“We’re always looking for advancements in the ortho world,” said Joy Pickthall, Practice Manager, Advanced Orthodontic Care. “We have cutting edge technology and are right on top of it. We’re usually one of the first offices in the Denver Metro area to try a new product and to make sure it works great.”

One thing that has not gone away from the days of yore is the retainer. “Now we tell people to wear them [retainers] forever,” said Dr. Rudman. “If I could give you a pair of pajamas that you slept in when you were 18 and told you that you could have the same body, you’d be wearing those pajamas.”

Aside from the six weeks Advanced Orthodontic Care was closed, the Covid-19 pandemic has not impacted their business in a negative way. In fact, Dr. Rudman indicates that people have seen themselves on virtual meetings and have decided to fix their smile. Pickthall adds that by wearing masks, the self-conscious client can get braces and hide behind a mask if they want to.

The Chamber fits in nicely to where Advanced Orthodontic Care is headed. “We [joined the chamber] to be part of the community,” said Pickthall. “We want to become involved with the community. We have to be a team of one especially during today’s times.”

During these times of Covid, as Pickthall eludes to, virtual consults are offered. Upload five photos of your mouth to their website and an answer usually comes back within 24 hours on treatment and cost. Advanced Orthodontic Care offers payment plans and offers a discount if you pay in full.

Advanced Orthodontic Care is located at 4500 Cherry Creek Dr. South, Suite 850 in Glendale. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call 303-632-9766 or text 720-575-1358. Visit www.cherrycreeksmiles.com to learn more or to schedule appointments. Start with any full orthodontic treatment get a free tooth whitening kit.