Dan Wilson - BrushFlame

Dan Wilson - BrushFlame

BrushFlame Can Make Your Business Better

Originally from Denver, Dan Wilson is in the business of making your business better. He started his own marketing company in 2005 and rebranded to the name BrushFlame in January. According to Wilson, BrushFlame.com tracks the beneficial sales and marketing tools available and designs a customized cheat sheet to implement the right tools that are specific to a client’s small business.

In addition to giving his clients the best tools possible to grow their business, Wilson also wants to help companies and individuals attract the type of clients they are looking for to ensure the best fit possible.

“Every business owner that has had a client that is too demanding, unreasonable or just creepy would attest to the power of having clients you enjoy,” Wilson said. “When you figure out how to gain clients you want to keep you’ll realize that working is more like hanging out with your friends and taking care of them in your area of expertise. This is a much better way to spend the hours of the week we call work.”

When it comes to figuring out the best marketing strategies for a specific client Wilson has been able to adjust his methods with technology while still maintaining the local and professional components that allow his business to thrive.

“In order to assess the behavioral nuances of a client — I’ve had to sit in front of them or have a sales rep sit in front of them,” Wilson explained. “Up until now this has required personal contact. However, with the development of video conferencing and real time cloud based data manipulation we’re able to expand if the business environment calls for it.”

Another method Wilson used to help BrushFlame succeed was joining the Glendale Chamber of Commerce and then ultimately becoming an Ambassador.

“When I moved into Glendale I thought it would be fun to spend part of my career as a mayor so I stopped into Larry’s office, shook his hand and told him I’d like to be mayor of Glendale,” Wilson recalled. “He told me if that was a point of interest the first thing I should do is get involved in the community and the Chamber was a great place to start. I realized later that politics is not my gig — because I have a tendency to call a spade a spade.”

Wilson also pointed out that the Glendale Chamber is more than a platform for people to pitch their businesses to one another. Instead it’s a way for business people in the community to get to know each other and become both colleagues and friends.

For more information on Dan Wilson and BrushFlame visit the website or call 303-800-0843.

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